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Wild West Saloon Right in Your Pocket PC with Tripeaks Solitaire!

Diladele today announces the immediate availability of version 1.6 of Tripeaks Solitaire, an enjoyable and stylish solitaire game for Windows Mobile OS. It provides players with an ultimate opportunity to enjoy 6 completely different types of solitaire game. Tripeaks Solitaire defines itself as a well-developed game with high-quality graphics and eye-pleasing special effects. It has a great deal of levels to play, and soothes the player's tension by enabling unlimited number of undo commands to reverse your last move.

Pocket PC users are usually highly-motivated people in possession of great sources of energy, and are quite often short of time. Moreover, they don't have time to put off things to do and don't take lots of time to relax. But they do have their Pocket PCs at hand nearly all the time. Therefore, what could be better than plunge into the imaginary world of Tripeaks Solitaire game, developed specially for pocket computers!

Since the very launch of the game, the sands of time and prairie blistering sun will sweep the usual sheen away from your clothes. In a moment, you'll find yourself standing in front of the creaking doors of a shabby Wild West Saloon. Tripeaks Solitaire invites you in to enjoy 6 types of solitaire: Pyramid, Circle, Reverse, Classic, Golf, and Mirror. The gameplay is totally simplistic but truly addictive. More than that, high quality graphics and wonderful animation will make you escape from reality for a few moments, and completely forget the surroundings.

Tripeaks Solitaire is a variation of a classic solitaire card game. The beginners usually consider the game not to be very complex, learning the main idea quite easily. The objective is to move all cards from the peaks to the stack pile. Only faced up cards with higher or lower ranks can be removed from the peaks. You do not have to think about the suit of a card. If none of the peak cards can be matched, a new card can be opened from the stack. As soon as the stack is over, you lose the game. Tripeaks Solitaire trains strategy planning, which is required to open all cards before moving them to the stack. Tripeaks Solitaire gives you a chance to enjoy one of the most popular card games, triumphantly carving your best results in its hall of fame.

Pricing and Availability

Tripeaks Solitaire runs under Windows Mobile 2003, Windows Mobile 5/6 and costs $14.99 (USD) for a single-user license. Licensed customers are entitled to free lifetime upgrades and technical support. Additional information on Tripeaks Solitaire with its download version is available from

About Diladele

Founded in 2006, Diladele is a software development company specializing in games and utility software for Pocket PC. The company is the author of such game best-sellers, as Sudoku and all the previous versions of Tripeaks Solitaire, as well as popular Travel Mobile, a multifunctional alarm-clock application. For more information, visit

NOTE TO EDITORS: An evaluation version of Tripeaks Solitaire 1.6 is available for review purposes. Contact Ruslan Sayfutdinov at for more information.

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