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WiiWasHere Launches

WiiWasHere allows you to store all your Nintendo Wi-Fi codes, challenge friends, and earn Achievement Coins

For Immediate Release

June 4, 2007 - Just when you think you cannot possibly remember yet another friend code, along comes WiiWasHere. It's the start of the summer and what better way to spend it than connecting your DS/Wii and taking-on some friends for bragging rights. WiiWasHere can make it a lot easier to meet new people and share Wi-Fi Codes.

WiiWasHere allows you to create a profile in just seconds, after which, you can add all your Wi-Fi codes to the system. With a single username, your friends will have access to all your Wi-Fi codes. Likewise, all you need to know about your fellow gamer is his/her WiiWasHere username. You can then both turn on your DS/Wii and stake it out with each other or you can take advantage of WiiWasHere's nifty features. After all, it is free for everyone. Some of the features include:

Challenges - In addition to storing all your Wi-Fi codes online, and quickly and easily finding anyone else's Wi-Fi codes, you can create massive online challenges. Any WiiWasHere user can create a challenge in their own time zone, which will be converted for their friends living in different time zones, so everyone will know exactly when the challenge is taking place. You can create as many challenges as you want, likewise, you can join as many challenges as you want. So it's possible to create a variety of challenges - all with their unique rules.

Achievement Coins - You can award achievement coins once a challenge is over. Rate your fellow challenge participants according to who you favor most. Once all participants have rated everyone, an average rank will be awarded to each player as well as achievement coins. Collect as many achievement coins as possible for bragging rights, and who knows, you might be awarded cool prizes at the end of the month. WiiWasHere is your one stop Wi-Fi phone book, as well as, an elaborate and friendly community. It is easy on the eyes, and best of all, it is Wii friendly, so visit and join the community.

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