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Wii to launch November 19th priced US$ 250

The Nintendo Wii will launch in the US November 19th, priced just under US$ 250 and will come bundled with a copy of the game Wii Sports.

The Nintendo Wii will launch in the US November 19th, priced just under US$ 250 (197 euros / GBP 133) and will come bundled with a copy of the game Wii Sports.

Japanese consumers will have to wait an extra two weeks for the launch on December 2nd, but the console will retail slightly cheaper, at 25,000 Yen (167 euros / GBP 113), without a copy of Wii Sports.

Japan will see 16 titles at launch and will range in price from 4800 Yen (32 euro / GBP 22) to 6800 Yen (46 euro / GBP 31). 25 titles are purported to be available at launch in the US, priced around US$ 50 (39 euro / GBP 27)

At a press event, Nintendo of Japan president Satoru Iwata also revealed the pricing structure for downloadable games via the WiiConnect24 service.

NES games will sell for 500 Yen (3 euro / GBP 2), SNES titles will cost 800 Yen (5 euro / GBP 4) and N64 games will retail for 1000 Yen (7 euro / GBP 5).

Consumers will be able to purchase downloadable titles with either a credit card or pre-paid points cards.

Around 30 games will initially be available to download from the Virtual Console service, including titles from the Mario, Zelda, R-Type and Donkey Kong franchises.

Nintendo hopes to increase the number of titles available via Virtual Console by ten games a month, quickly establishing a library of content for consumers to download.

The console itself will come with the motion-sensitive remote controller and 'nunchaku' thumb-stick attachment, with additional controllers costing 3800 Yen (24 euro / GBP 17) and 1800 Yen (12 euro / GBP 8) respectively.

The classic controller, primarily designed for use with NES and SNES titles, will retail in Japan for 1800 Yen, although a limited offer will see it bundled for free with a 5000 point pre-paid card.

Highly anticipated title The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess will be a launch title for Japan and will makes its way to US shores before the end of 2006.

The Wii's online service will also include a range of media functions, including access to news and weather channels, web browsing and digital photos.

Nintendo is due to host a press event tomorrow in the UK, releasing full details of the Wii launch, including games available from day one and new titles for the European region.

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