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Wii Tennis Racquet controller

Game People unearths new way to whack balls about.

After breaking news about the bespoke Wii Table Tennis bat ( controller, we have follow up news of a related device. This Wii Tennis Racquet controller is more than an add on to your Wii-mote, it replaces it completely.

Having put the device through its paces we have just published our photograph report. Paul Govan said of the controller:

"Wii-Sports Tennis is transformed into something very close to a real sport with this unique racquet controller that replaces the Wii-mote. Clever design and sensible weighting add realism to any Wii tennis game provided you have the space to really swing it about."

The device's selling point is that (as well as looking and feeling like a real Tennis racquet) it stops the player fooling the game with flicks rather than genuine swings. As Paul Govan reported:

"It was this inability to use flicks to fool the game that turned out to be one of the most important features of the controller. This combines with the sensible weight distribution to create another fresh way of experiencing the Wii's motion controlled game play."

Details to follow soon on pricing and availability on both the Bat and Racquet.

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