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Wii Compare

Promising to sniff out UK stocks of the Wii MotionPlus next spring.

October 14, 2008


Nintendo's Wii whizzed into the record books when it became the fastest-selling games console in British history, in demand - but sold out - in stores across the country. And pundits are already predicting similar stock shortages for Wii MotionPlus, a new motion sensor set to redefine gaming control, scheduled for release in Spring 2009.

But savvy shoppers can avoid the scramble to secure this 'must have' accessory thanks to real time stock checker website Wii Compare (, which scans supplier websites around the clock to provide pre-order alerts and compare prices and availability. Wii Compare has already thrown a lifeline to thousands of stressed-out shoppers and pressured parents searching for elusive Wii consoles and Wii Fit, Nintendo's groundbreaking virtual gym.

The key to Wii's success is its motion-sensitive wireless controller, which allows players to mimic the movements of traditional sports such as tennis as if they were on court. The consoles are even found in rehabilitation centres, helping injured soldiers or stroke victims regain their motor skills.

Wii MotionPlus is set to up the ante even further: it plugs into the console's remote control, making it even more sensitive to the player's arm position and twists of the wrist, to provide a 1:1 mapping of their motion on screen. Listed for release at the same time, and likely to be bundled, is Wii Sports Resort, sequel to the popular Wii Sports. Set on a tropical island, players compete against friends and family in new games such as 'Sword Play', 'Power Cruising' on a jet ski and 'Disc Dog', where players throw a frisbee for friendly Fido to catch.

Tony Hart, Wii Compare's director, says: "We scan the big suppliers every 60 seconds to put users at the front of the queue for the best prices and bundle deals. If stock has arrived in a shop within the last minute, online users see a pop-up or hear a sound alert, and can sign up for emails about the latest offers."

"Wii Fit is tipped to be the top runner in the Christmas gift race, but you can pre-empt the festive buying frenzy by finding out where the game is in stock now and which suppliers are offering the best deals and discounts. And, with interest in Wii MotionPlus and Wii Sports Resort already building, make sure you're ahead of the game by finding out how to pre-order as soon as they're available."

Wii Compare searches all the big suppliers, from online gaming retailers and Ebay to high street giants like Argos and Asda. The site also features top tips to track down Wii consoles, games and bundle packages, such as pre-registering with stores to save valuable time when supplies come into stock.

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Notes for editors

About Wii Compare

Wii Compare launched on 1 September 2008 and is based in Milton Keynes. It offers the latest stock and price information for Wii consoles, Wii Fit, game bundles and accessories.

About Wii MotionPlus

Wii MotionPlus has an inbuilt gyroscope which, together with the Wii remote's built-in accelerometer and external sensor bar, enables more sensitive and accurate tracking of a game player's arm position.Rather than being limited to the usual 3D movements, Wii MotionPlus also measures rotational movement to add extra realism to activities such as throwing frisbees and swinging golf clubs.

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