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Whiptail Interactive's deal with NuclearVision Entertainment GmbH opens the gateway to hell!


Valencia, 14th October 2004

Product: Psychotoxic

Developer: NuclearVision Entertainment GmbH

Genre: First-person Shooter

Platform: PC CD-ROM

Release: March 2005


Whiptail Interactive has struck a worldwide publishing deal with respected Germany-based developer, NuclearVision Entertainment GmbH for its latest project, Psychotoxic. The European side of the deal will see Whiptail Interactive publishing the title in all territories with the exception of Germany, Austria and Russia where the game has already been published and well received by trade and consumers alike. Whiptail's US office will publish the title stateside.

A first-person shooter set in 2022 New York City at the time of the arrival of Armageddon, The Fourth Horseman of the Apocalypse is preparing to doom planet Earth. Assuming the role of heroine Angie Prophet, the player is humanity's last hope, the gatekeeper standing in the way of this madman's quest to wreak hell on Earth.

The game follows Angie Prophet's quest as she battles zombies, bad cops and other forces of evil. Discovering herself to be half-woman, half angel as she progresses through the game, she develops six different supernatural powers including invisibility, the ability to slow the passage of time and also to influence other characters by entering their dreams. Played over 21 levels, Prophet's arsenal of nineteen weapons is set to include revolvers and F.B.G.'s (big guns!).

Psychotoxic features graphics powered by the Trinigy Vision graphics engine which allows advanced effects such as per-pixel lighting, self-shadowing and volumetric fog.

Commenting on the deal, NuclearVision Entertainment's Tim Bruns offered, "Psychotoxic's unique level design of 21 real scenario levels and 8 differently themed dream levels featuring over ninety carefully-crafted opponents will enchant gamers worldwide!" Chris Warrender, Whiptail Interactive's publishing director commented, "We're very happy to have secured this title on a worldwide basis. We're looking forward to doing great business with Angie Prophet. I know for a fact she's looking forward to working with me on those late nights as we localise Psychotoxic!"

Psychotoxic is slated for a March 2005 release.

UK Press Information Contact:

Richard Barclay

Richard PR & Marketing

Tel: +44 (0) 207 386 7398


For all UK trade enquiries please contact Robert Stallibrass at Contact Sales Limited on For European enquiries contact Barry Hatcher at Whiptail Interactive on

About Whiptail Interactive:

Whiptail Interactive (Europe) S.L. is based in Valencia, Spain with offices also in the United States and the UK. Established in 2002, the company is a publisher of quality PC CD-ROM and console video games. Whiptail Interactive's products (amongst others) include the highly successful Postal 2 and Gangland. The company's unique approach to working with developers and publishers provides its partners with a more profitable channel to retail markets than is currently available with any other publisher. For further information on Whiptail Interactive, please visit:

About NuclearVision Entertainment GmbH

Founded in Germany in 2000 by Frank Fitzner, Tim Bruns and David Strippgen, NuclearVision Entertainment identified a genre thus far unexplored by other German developers - the 3D ego shooter. As well as development assignments for video game publishers including Codename Gordon for Valve Software, NuclearVision also creates and renders unique trailers and provides high quality graphics and 3D models such as the main character for the upcoming Lula 3D Game from CDV. For further information on NuclearVision Entertainment, please visit:

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