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See below for the all new CM2008 feature list.

Update Data

Updated club, player and staff data to the end of the August transfer window

An increase of more than 25% of people in the database

27 playable nations now including the Australian League

Australian League

League competition and Pre-Season competitions

Marquee player and salary cap rules

Limit on youth players and realistic player registration


Ability to play with other user managers on one PC.

ProZone Analyst Feedback

ProZone Analyst that gives analytical feedback on how players and the team performed during a match, including identifying good and bad points that may otherwise have been missed. There's no hiding place for players!

Analyst view which gives the player a simple way of accessing the power of the ProZone tool.

Replay analyst events & goals instantly!


Ability to play any match event within ProZone instantly.

Live rewind facility which allows the user to navigate through a match easily.

New video style camera view

Ability to see the context surrounding an event, so the user can easily see the cause and effect of an incident.

Match possession bar to show the user how possession changed over time, as well as indicating when events occur.

Player Tendencies

32 tendencies that modify how an individual player performs during a matchday.

Ability to mould players to learn new tendencies

Match Engine

Teams now function as units rather than as individuals with players now communicating between themselves.

All aspects of play from shooting to passing and tackling have been upgraded.

One-twos and overlaps.

Tilting/Leaning/Diving player markers used in order to provide the user with better information as to what is happening on the pitch.

Modelling of short term energy levels that affect a player's work rate at a particular point in the match.

Overhauled Match summary screen giving the user an insight into player performance and opposition tactical changes.


Revamped transfer values to ensure that player reputations and performances have a bigger effect on values.

More realistic transfers with improved player interested filtering making transfer targets more realistic.

More realistic loan system ensuring players available are more suited to yours and the AI clubs needs.


More hidden talent than ever before, ensuring that you'll have more chance of finding a star.

News and Media

Overhauled match previews which give the player greater ability to identify key opposition threats as well as informing the player about important milestones and past meeting between the clubs for the season.

Improved player and manager of the month and year award messages, now stating why the award was won

New youth player reports that help identify up and coming stars within the user's squad.

Staff recommendations on contract renewals.


New, simplified training.

Implementation of tendency training to let the user mould the way that a player plays.

Ability to adapt players to play in a new position.

Improved training feedback.


Revamped look and button styling.


Multithreaded support to take advantage of multi processor and multi core machines.

Improvements to match engine speed to eliminate delays.

Increased speed in all areas of the game to allow constant game play.

Real World

Dual hosting for Euros etc.

Dynamic FIFA rankings

Improved seeding for major international tournaments

Improvements to selection of captains for domestic club teams

Improvements to player history displays

Improvements to player eligibility

Improvements to player nationality, eg dual nationals

Competition format updates

Cup registration improvements

Player tendencies

Increased number of players with player history

Addition of dead ball and penalty taking attributes

Improvements to friendly match selections

Separated Serbia & Montenegro

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