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What's Green & Turns Red At The Flick Of A Switch?

JoeCartoon & Flashman Studios Answer The Ultimate Question

For Immediate Release:

September 21st. According to your friend, the government, video games are bad for you. They ruin your life, destroy your IQ, make you obese and contribute to tooth decay and gun incidents. Thank God then, that JoeCartoon will be making an appearance on a cellphone, games console or PC near you soon.

JoeCartoon is the creator of the infamous Frog In A Blender animation, which was viewed over 90,000,000 times in 1999 alone*. Frog was described by Business 2.0 as "one of the stickiest pieces of content on the web", but by most everyone else as "totally gross" and "completely cool".

JoeCartoon has been one of the Internet's leading animators since around 1998 and has moved forward from killing frogs, to cruelty to most of God's creatures and many people in addition. JoeCartoon's other twisted creations include Hamster in the Microwave, Thuh Greenfields, Lump the No-Legged Dog, Monkey Looker, Nana Hooter and every lady's favourite, Superfly. Much of JoeCartoon's work is interactive, so that viewers can not only see the peculiar, absurd, violent and crudely animated cartoons, but actively participate and help the little critters on their way.

JoeCartoon is now looking to bring this menagerie of content to the worlds of mobile entertainment and video games. The broad appeal of JoeCartoon's content makes it an ideal brand to bring to the console and cellphone audiences. JoeCartoon's online site receives over 5,000,000 show views per month**, or which equates to around 360,000,000*** since the site was launched in 1998.

Joe Cartoon has signed a deal with interactive experts Flashman Studios to help them find the sort of edgy, creative publishing partners they need to help bring their incredible content to the mobile and video games sectors. JoeCartoon and Flashman are looking for companies which can bring JoeCartoon's creations to full, glorious life as video games, mobile wallpapers, animations, downloadable or streaming movies, MMS messages, mobile games, screensavers, ringtones and even interactive doo-dads for Sony's shiny new PSP gadget.

Brad Young, the Chief Executive Officer of Flashman Studios, said, "The JoeCartoon content is a lot of fun. It's cool, edgy, would lend itself to a huge range of content on mobile phone handsets - and don't get me started on videogames. Instead of rescuing princesses or finding fruit, gems or tiny hearts, JoeCartoon gets straight to the violence and killing things, though it is all very tongue in cheek and black humor. We're delighted to be working with JoeCartoon and we're looking forward to bringing gamers, mobile owners and cartoon fans worldwide a whole new experience."

Mike Tuinstra, the Chief Exectutive Officer of Inc, said, "We're very happy to be working with Brad and the gang at Flashman Studios to bring JoeCartoon's work to gamers, cellphone owners and a whole new bunch of paying customers worldwide. JoeCartoon's work is incredibly popular because it appeals to a huge range of people, from frustrated pet owners, through to zany, singing mid-western farmers and on to girls, metrosexuals, evangelists and the Hollywood 'A' list. We're looking forward to bringing our own particular brand of madcap shenanigans and harmless fun to a phone, console or gadget near you."

Flashman Studios and will be at the CTIA Wireless IT & Entertainment Show in San Francisco on the 27th-29th of September. Anyone wishing to speak to the companies about bringing the JoeCartoon content to mobile should contact: or call (+1) 415-269-3491.


Notes To Editors:

About Joe Cartoon

The legend of Joe Cartoon started way back when in 1961, with a newborn babe, called Joe, oddly enough. However for the sake of succinctness, let us move forward to 1997 when Joe started a website containing his own unique blend of cartoons, Flash animations and cruelty.

From these humble 'will illustrate for food' beginnings, Joe Cartoon grew to a whopping 3,000 page views per day (and this when only universities, major corporations, governments and the CIA really went online). However, this was as naught once Joe released Frog In A Blender to an unsuspecting world. The site began receiving upwards of 400,000 page views per day, blowing up two Internet providers and unwittingly spawning 'viral marketing' and leading to the creation of 'spam'. Sorry. Several months later the creation of Gerbil In A Microwave sealed Joe's reputation as a man with much time on his hands - and the godfather of online, interactive content.

From there Joe went onto create some of the most fondly remembered content in the world, including Superfly, The Greenfields, Lump - the No Legged Dog, Nanna Hooters, Joe Fish, Where My Dog and many, many more, including pandas, possums, sloths, insects and even the occasional humanlike individual.

Over the past eight years Joe Cartoon has become an online phenomenon and built up a hugely loyal and somewhat warped audience, which has become a genuine cult following, crossing geographical boundaries, cultural barriers and social conventions to create a huge global following, which will one day rise up to do his unspeakable bidding.

Joe Cartoon is headquartered in the United States of America, where he is continuing to create a plethora of odd characters and hilarious and often uncomfortable situations in which to place them.


About Flashman Studios

Founded in 2005 by Brad Young, Flashman Studios is a full services agency for developers, intellectual property owners, publishers and game services companies working within the interactive entertainment industry. Flashman provides a complete range of capabilities including:

planning and corporate strategy - financial services - sales - marketing - branding and intellectual property management - business development - corporate, business and project negotiation - mergers and acquisitions.

Flashman works closely with each client, providing the value-added services and creative approach each company requires to maximize their business opportunities and create a prosperous and viable long-term future.

Flashman Studios is headquartered in San Francisco, California, with offices in Vancouver, Canada. The company already works globally with a number of the world's most innovative and exciting companies across all areas of the interactive sector. Flashman clients are presently active in the PC and console development areas, through to mobile content, online gaming, music and audio provision, game design, publishing and many others.



Brad Young

Flashman Studios

T: +1.415.826.7654



Brian Baglow

Indoctrimat Ltd

M: +44 (0) 7747 792247


*90,000,000 is approximately the population of the Philippines or Vietnam (the 12th and 13th most populous countries in the world) or, if you prefer, Tunisia (#81) multiplied by Sweden (#84).

** Turkmenistan - if they had a big festival or concert arranged. (#112)

*** About halfway between The USA (#4) and the European Union (not really a country, sorry...)

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