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What is the Appeal of Social Games?

A good question, apparently answered in a white paper from Isle of Man outfit Clubv3.

Douglas, Isle of Man

Isle of Man-based social network games and media specialist Clubv3 today releases the whitepaper "What is the Appeal of Social Games?" on its website www.clubv3.com.

Clubv3 is a leading developer and publisher of social network games with the first four titles being released on initially on Facebook in June 2010. Having grown from the initial two directors to a team of over 25 people in the Isle of Man, UK, Romania, Ukraine, USA and China, the fast-growing business recently hired the author of the whitepaper, Ciaran O'Connor, as a content writer.

Ciaran mixes his love of gaming with an academic understanding of the importance of recreational activity. After having acquired a degree in philosophy and film criticism he worked as a management trainer while completing a diploma in existential psychotherapy. When not developing content at Clubv3 he travels the country delivering training to raise awareness about mental health.

The whitepaper deals with the way the business model of purchasing virtual goods within social network games and is being implemented by Clubv3 in all it's up-and-coming products.

The abstract of ?What is the Appeal of Social Games??: This paper is a consideration of the qualities that go into a successful social game, and a look at exactly how the gamer benefits from the experience. To sell a social game, be it through micro-transactions or subscriptions, is to sell emotion. The following is an attempt to clarify the nature of these purchasable feelings. I have divided the paper up into sections according to the varying emotional benefits of social gaming. The opening, however, is a look at the relevance of recognition for attracting gamers

Richard M Holmes, Director of Clubv3: ?Our soon to be released product line-up include a number of titles where the integration of this Whitepaper and Ciaran's deep knowledge of what appeals to end-users around the world, not just on a visual level, but on a deep psychological level, allows us to create games that have greater appeal and therefore greater financial promise. This in turn allows us to put in the required investment to give users exactly what they want. We implement this into every game of ours, be they are own IP or partner's IP, such as with our recently announced partners, Green Leaf Film Studios.?

The "What is the Appeal of Social Games?" whitepaper is freely available for download from the Clubv3 media room on the website at www.clubv3.com/?page_id=128

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ABOUT CLUBV3 - Club V3 Ltd is based in Douglas, Isle of Man (British Isles). Clubv3 develops for all the major social networks including Facebook, MySpace, Mixi, RenRen, QQ, Orkut, Hi5,VK and Lunarstorm. For additional information on Clubv3, in-depth information on the technology and upcoming range of products, please visit the website at www.clubv3.com or email info@Clubv3.com. Clubv3 can be followed on the company Facebook fan page at http://www.facebook.com/clubv3 and on Twitter at http://www.twitter.com/clubv3

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