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What is that noise in your basement?

BUENOS AIRES, ARGENTINA - November 28, 2005.

Following the recent release of a highly successful and popular demo, Nucleosys are making a special build of their upcoming adventure game, Scratches, available for previewing purposes.

Scratches, which has been hailed as one of the scariest games currently in production and a return to classic adventure gaming, puts the player inside a Victorian house lavishly designed in breathtaking detail and bearing a most intriguing past. Nothing is what it seems inside this place though, and eventually the player will have to investigate a long-forgotten case about a vicious murder, while coping with strange and persistent noises coming from the basement.

Please contact Nucleosys at info@nucleosys.com for more information on how to get hold of the preview version.

The story:

You will step into the role of Michael Arthate, a blooming writer flush with cash from the sales of his debut hit novel, as he moves to an imposing Victorian mansion he has just bought, set on the outskirts of a small rural town in northern England. As Michael seeks inspiration to complete his long-awaited new book, he uncovers terrible secrets concealed within the house: the mystery surrounding its previous

inhabitants, the eccentric Blackwood family. Few know exactly what occurred within those walls... what drove James Blackwood mad enough to viciously murder his wife and then, supposedly, commit suicide. Compelled to investigate this forgotten case, Michael decides he's up to the task of finding out what really happened. But as the pieces of the puzzle fit together, the understanding that his life might be in danger

becomes a harsh reality.

Soon Michael comes to realize that his arrival may have disturbed some sinister forces that have been resting, and waiting, inside this place for many years...

The game:

Scratches is a point and click adventure using a panoramic first person view. You will explore a chilling and atmospheric scenario as you investigate Blackwood Manor and visit varied locations besides the central Victorian mansion, such as a rundown greenhouse, a grim chapel, a decaying crypt and more. Solve challenging puzzles requiring not your reflexes but your intuition and deductive skills. Gather clues and

connect them, until you reach the story's terrifying conclusion. You will be the one who solves the mystery!

The features:

Scratches will feature the following:

  • A haunting storyline spanning over two decades, filled with unexpected twists and turns and featuring a shocking ending.
  • Exploration of a realistic Victorian mansion, designed after real models and blueprints of the era, brought to life with sharp panoramic graphics.
  • You don't play a character, you are the character! Stay in close touch with his emotions by knowing his thoughts, his feelings...and his fears.
  • Impressive special effects: the clouds in the sky slowly move as you take a walk outdoors, while flashes of lightning startle you and raindrops hit the windows while you are inside the house, taking shelter from a fierce storm.
  • An unobtrusive, user-friendly interface that makes the game comfortable to play, thus allowing players to focus on the story and its development.
  • A hint system that seamlessly integrates clues and suggestions about the next step to take or puzzle solutions within dialogues, notes and character comments. Play the game at the difficulty level that you prefer!
  • A full 5.1 surround soundtrack. Over 40 minutes of original music appropriately composed for each scene.

About Nucleosys

Nucleosys is an independent game development company based in Argentina and committed to bringing quality adventure games to the gaming industry by combining fresh ideas and novel designs. Scratches will be the first commercial adventure game ever to be made in Argentina.

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As always, Nucleosys express their gratitude towards websites hosting files related to them.

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