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What Am I … Christmas Edition

Festive puzzler on the App Store now.

Developer Wonky Woo Games has just released to the App Store the next   installment of the 'What am I...” series: “What am I ...Christmas Edition” for the   Apple iPhone™ / Apple iPod touch®.

Building on the foundation of “What am I...Pets” the special Christmas Edition features five Christmas characters. In this fun and visually pleasing puzzle game the objective is to get the correct combination of head, body and feet for a given  characters to complete its imagery by context of visual and audiovisual cues: It’s simple, it’s cute, it’s entertaining, and more importantly, it’s educational and perfect for parents focused on gently introducing their children to the world of technology. 'What am I...Christmas edition' also features two additional mini games 'matching' and 'dress up'.

'Matching' – in this mini game you have thirty seconds to match as many animals as you can by dragging the Christmas character on the left to its matching image on the right. Helps develop hand to eye co-ordination.

'Dress-Up'- in this mini game you move items about in order to dress the snowman up. Helps develop hand to eye co-ordination.

The App Store has a vast plethora of games content available to most audiences, but very few high-quality educational titles, especially aimed at pre-school toddlers. Wonky Woo Games are fulfilling this void with “What Am I...” series  in which children will learn to read and perform simple problem-solving by recognizing different characters and sounds.

Wonky Woo Games are currently expanding the “What Am I …” series of educational games to include “What Am I … Zoo” and “What Am I … Farm”, and both are scheduled to be released in 2011.

“What Am I … Christmas Edition' is available on the App Store here:

Apple iPhone™ & Apple iPod touch®:


Promo codes for “What Am I … Christmas edition” are now available to journalists by sending an email to woo@wonkywoogames.co.uk specifying Apple iPhone™ / Apple iPod touch® or Apple iPad!

Journalists interested in additional information about games from Wonky Woo Games can visit www.wonkywoogames.co.uk to experience visuals and video clips of their games as well as search for “wonkywoogames” on U tube.


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