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WGC 2010 Open Championship

Takes place this week at the Mall of the Emirates in Dubai.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 27 th October  2010: They call themselves Cyber Athletes. Headsets on, Mouse slides on their sleek extra large Pads, Key Boards click as they test their gears of war, now everyone is ready to buy their ammos and spawn the map.  In their small exclusive clans, they are the new generation gladiators who fight till the end, most of the time blood splatters on their high definition monitor screen. In battle they strategize, they scream, they save lives and win against opponents in the war map named DeDust.  Counter Strike is a tactical first person shooter in which players join either the terrorist or counter terrorist team. The main objective of the team is to eliminate the opposing team. The game begins with two teams spawning simultaneously, usually at the opposite ends of the map from each other.

In another corner, they cheer like its World Cup, they groan like they lost the game of the season, feels the pain of their favorite soccer player. These are the avid players of Pro Evolution Soccer or commonly called Winning Eleven.

On the other side of the Arena, you can hear the word “Hadouken!!!”  (Japanese for Special Attack) . Spectators cheer as one character goes down and the other stands still. This is the game called Street Fighter 4.

Hundreds of the new breed of athletes will be flocking the South Galleria of Mall of the Emirates for the Open Championship of the World Game Championship this weekend from 27 th till 30 th October. All nationalities, all ages, from different Emirates will be there with one goal to bring home this year’s prize and year-long bragging rights plus a life-time of memories that once they have ruled of the biggest gaming event in the region.

The World Game Championship is in strategic partnership with the World Cyber Games, the Olympics of cyber gaming. It has brought UAE National Team to the games since 2008.

“As organizers of the Dubai World Game Expo, we see it as our responsibility to bring the Arab gaming community to a mature level. And World Game Championship is our way of convening the gaming community in one venue. We have seen it grow in three years. We have seen hobbyist become competitive athletes. And we have witnessed the UAE National Team in World Cyber Games fight their hearts out with the Asians, Europeans and Americans.”  said Engineer Anas Al Madani, vice president of Index Holding, organizers of World Game Championship and Dubai World Game Expo.

 “ We wanted to make the gaming community in the region to grow as fast as those in the west. For the past three years, we have seen how the country and the region responded to the Game Expo and the World Game Championship. We have always believed in this age of technology, gaming will be an inevitable part of the next generations life development. Game now is becoming a significant tool for education, health, business and even politics. Our greatest pride is to bring Emirati gamers to the next level of competition where they meet the best of the best gamers of the world, in time we want to see professional Arab gamers to be in the forefront of this ever growing industry. All these will not be possible without corporate sponsors like Zotac, Nvidia and Golden Systems who has supported this tournament”.  added Al Madani.

The gaming industry in the region has seen a surge in the past few years.  The Middle East region is currently seen as the next booming gaming economy, with the very young population of high purchasing power and the increase rate of internet penetration. Not to mention, that the hot summer months are creating a revenue stream for the industry in indoor sports. As stated in the Price Waterhouse Cooper research predicting the growth of the gaming industry US$11.1 Billion to US$15.4 Billion by year 2011.

Gaming brands ZOTAC and Nvidia being distributed by Golden Systems Middle East are proud Gold Sponsors of this year’s tournament. ZOTAC - part of PC Partner Ltd., is one of the largest NVIDIA graphic cards motherboard manufacturers in the world and has over 10 years of quality manufacturing experience. Nvidia, which has become synonymous with digital games, specializes in the development of graphic processing units used in personal-computer motherboards and in video game consoles.



  About Golden Systems Middle East FZCo:

Golden Systems is a leading name in the IT distribution business in the Middle East. With carefully selected high quality products, GSME has been able to capture a respectable market share in the Middle East's IT market. Some of the brand names that GSME is proudly distributing are Gigabyte, Logitech, Kaspersky, ZOTAC, BitDefender, Cooler Master, Choiix, Axtrom, Leadtek, Kingmax, Nvidia, NEC, Twinhan, AMD and ATI to name a few. For further details, please visit http://www.gse.ae

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About World Game Championship

The World Game Championship is organized by Index Conferences and Exhibitions Organisation Est. – Member of Index Holding and is part of the Dubai World Game Expo. Currently, it is the region’s biggest gaming tournament with thousands of gamers from the Middle East participating each year, running for the third consecutive year and has been the strategic partner of World Cyber Games in the country.

For more information about the World Game Championship

Reggie Alcala / Nerza Del Rosario- Manalastas

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Tel: +971 4 3624717

Email: reginald.alcala@index.ae / nerza.delrosario@index.ae 

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