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Virtual holiday sim and winner of the German Computer Games Prize 2010.

Munich, 25 November 2010 - Imagine that summer lasts all year, warm seawater is flowing around half-naked legs, and the perfect holiday resort is inviting guests to stay with its various animations, culinary delights, and cozy beds. Since the Travian Games' launch of "Wewaii" in various territories and their upcoming release in even more countries, this is possible in the virtual world - played absolutely free of any costs in a browser of your choice. This award-winning hotel management and holiday simulation has just been released with its latest update in most territories, making the game even more accessible and fun and will be released in Russia on Monday 29th November 2010.

The player's goal in "Wewaii" is to build a popular and successful hotel or vacation resort of his own liking to satisfy solvent visitors and to let them have the vacation of their life. The game is filled with possibilities and even experienced strategy gamers are ambitious to compete for the top positions in the score ranking. This goal remains exciting and challenging, not only because some small changes can have a strong effect on one's success.

Hotel managers can look forward to comprehensive statistics, which allow for the calculation and analysis of the behaviors, needs, and moods of every hotel guest. There are also additional functions for the management of buildings, and the handling of building modifications is much easier now.

The important changes are related to the needs and wishes of the hotel guests. When the guests' strongest wishes are fulfilled, not only d oes their well-being increase, but they are also in a good mood for some time after completing the action. Wishes therefore have a much more lasting effect and increase the guests' hotel rating significantly.

Many smaller changes are also included, such as a sortable friends list, the chance to reset your furnishing abilities, and a reduction of the construction time of furnishings.

Product: Wewaii

Genre: Management/Simulation

Developer: TG Nord

Price: Free to play

Languages English, German, Dutch (already launched) and Russian (launch 29th Nov 2010)

Browser Game of the Year 2009

Best Browser Game 2010 (Deutscher Computerspielepreis 2010)

About Travian Games GmbH:

Headquartered in Munich, Travian Games GmbH is one of the world's leading providers of browser-based online games. The company offers its customers worldwide a range of complex and multi-layered worlds of experience that impress with their game depth and guarantee long-lasting gaming fun. A motivated team of over 170 employees develop and market online entertainment for all age groups. The company also acts as a publisher for external developers. With no lengthy or expensive downloads, all games can be simultaneously played by millions of users worldwide - all that is required is Internet access and a web browser.

The portfolio of various genres is translated into up to 42 different languages, enabling the games to be used around the world by fans who appreciate lasting gaming entertainment.  Further information about Travian Games GmbH is available at

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