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Werd Interactive launches new mobile portal

New games and a simplified purchasing method revealed

Responding to the mobile industry's call for a more intuitive and straightforward customer experience in the mobile games market, Werd Interactive has announced the launch of its brand new mobile games portal.

In an effort to combat the overly complicated process of finding, purchasing and downloading mobile games, which is stifling the growth of the market on wireless platforms, Werd has introduced a 'one-stop-shop' portal with low-cost titles that can downloaded directly to visitors phones, featuring a range of payment options to encourage more downloads.

Randy Shepherd, managing director of Werd Interactive, commented: "We're finding consumers all over the world are being discouraged by the rising cost of games, confused by the availability of titles, the lack of information and the often complicated process of paying for and downloading games on mobile. This is slowing the growth of the industry as a whole and in many cases putting people off buying mobile games altogether."

The new portal enables visitors to browse and buy all of Werd's titles directly from their handsets, with a dual price-band of either USD 1.99 or USD 2.99 per title. Customers worldwide can choose to have the cost of their purchases added directly to their phone bill or subtracted from pre-pay credit, use Pay Pal, credit/debit cards, or pre-pay for content to browse and buy at their leisure.

Werd's selection of titles includes the company's new Spectrum range, which enables users to change the colour of menus, start screens, backgrounds and more, providing a unique personalisation option in a similar fashion to the traditional wallpaper, screensaver and icon downloads.

The portal will also feature Werd's Neo Retro and Neo Retro Advance games, which offer low cost, simple games designed to attract a non-gaming audience and serve as an introduction to the possibilities of gaming on the mobile platform.

"We are trying to give customers a single access point for all of our titles," Shepherd added. "The price will, we hope, give them good value for the games they buy and we've made it as simple and convenient as possible for them to find, pay for and download the games."

Mobile publishers and developers speaking at the Game Developers Conference in San Jose have all echoed calls for a simplified, intuitive and more accessible shopping experience for mobile games, and Werd believes that the launch of its new portal will provide just that - encouraging more users to access, purchase and download mobile games and strengthening the global wireless gaming market.

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