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Welcome To War World

Thank You For Coming - Have A Nice Death!

For Immediate Release:

August 2nd. Mech's, mortars and multiplayer mayhem mark the launch of War World, the fastest and most intense full-on, mechanoid action game ever created, released for download today by Australian developer Third Wave Games.

Forget the card games, puzzle packs and arcade retreads which have dominated the download market to date. War World takes everything you thought you knew about downloadable games, fires armor-piercing shells through them, peppers them with mortar fire, mangles it beyond recognition with 300 rounds per minute, then sets fire to it and allows a giant combat-ready robot to stomp it all into the ground.

War World is a planet dedicated to conflict and battle. Powerful armored mechanoids compete in savage multiplayer battles, in breathtaking outdoor arenas. War World features 50 different weapons systems from long-range missiles and mortars, through to the brutal, close-action mini gun, pinpoint accurate laser cannon and many, many more. Combined with an unreal range of electronic weapons systems, countermeasures, surveillance technologies and a range of different mechanoid chassis to customize, War World offers a totally new multiplayer experience for FPS fans and gamers worldwide.

War World combines the fast-paced action and controls of the world's favorite FPS games with a 3rd person viewpoint. A unique combination of all-out carnage and active strategy, gives War World an epic blend of fast-paced gameplay which moves way beyond the normal - run, shoot, repeat action of popular FPS titles.

In addition to the incendiary multiplayer game, War World also offers over 100 levels of single-player action and a totally customizable battle mode, where the player can create their own scenarios, skirmishes and carnage.

Regular updates and releases for the game are planned over the next several months. Third Wave Games, creator of War World plans to work closely with fans to ensure every player gets the chance to contribute to the evolution of War World.

Players can download the demo version of the game from: The demo version of War World allows players to compete in multi-player games and gives them access to a limited range of mech types and weapons. The full version of War World can be unlocked on the War World website for only $24.95 using a credit card or the secure Paypal system.

Morten Brodersen, the founder of Third Wave Games and lead programmer on War World, said, "We're very proud to announce the launch of War World. We believe the game offers something new to players and will give even the most hardcore online gamers a new challenge. We're planning to work very closely with players over the coming months, to introduce new content into the game, to update and modify the experience and make War World the must have title for gamers worldwide. War World has been in total control of the design and development process from day one and we are convinced that the game will find fans all over the world, who appreciate its mix of non-stop action, active strategy and full-on blasting goodness. War World is a great example of what's possible with a small, tightly focused development team, which firmly believes in what it's trying to achieve."

Third Wave Games would like to speak to publishers who are interested in bringing War World to the next generation of games consoles. For more information contact:

Brad Young

Flashman Studios

T: +1-415-826-7654


Morten Brodersen

Third Wave Games



Notes To Editors:

Demo Content

The trial version of War World, along with movie files of the game in action, are available to magazines for cover mounting and to websites for downloading. Please contact: for more information.

Review Copies

For access to the full game for review purposes please contact . For material and additional information, please contact .

About Third Wave Games

Third Wave Games was founded in early 2005 by two veterans of the videogames industry in Victoria, Australia.

Third Wave operates differently from the majority of PC and console developers in the world today. Third Wave typically utilises a business model where the company self-funds a game during pre-production until a playable, high quality demo is ready to be shown to publishers. Once a title is signed, Third Wave Games additionally work with an extended group of trusted outsourced people who are contracted depending on the task at hand.

This business model gives publishers a number of benefits: A high-quality, playable demo is available to evaluate at no cost before making a decision on a title and a publisher will be able to determine the budget for the game, from low budget (just employing the core team to finish the game) to AAA budget (as many people as needed to get the content and gameplay finished in the time desired). This enables the publisher to scale a project depending on the publisher's perception of the title from a risk/reward point of view, and where the title fits in the publisher's line-up.

Other services provided by Third Wave Games are Games Development Consulting services such as developer and technology evaluation services and fast early-stage (pre-production) prototyping of new concept ideas.

About Flashman Studios

Founded in 2005 by Brad Young, Flashman Studios is a full services agency for developers, intellectual property owners, publishers and game services companies working within the interactive entertainment industry. Flashman provides a complete range of capabilities including:

planning and corporate strategy - financial services - sales - marketing - branding and intellectual property management - business development - corporate, business and project negotiation - mergers and acquisitions.

Flashman works closely with each client, providing the value-added services and creative approach each company requires to maximize their business opportunities and create a prosperous and viable long-term future.

Flashman Studios is headquartered in San Francisco, California, with offices in Vancouver, Canada. The company already works globally with a number of the world's most innovative and exciting companies across all areas of the interactive sector. Flashman clients are presently active in the PC and console development areas, through to mobile content, online gaming, music and audio provision, game design, publishing and many others.




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