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Welcome To Paradise

Mauranie, Africa, July 2nd 2007. A young woman was found uninjured in the wreckage of a private aircraft, which crashed earlier today in the interior of the small African kingdom of Mauranie.

Despite having suffered no apparent physical injuries, the survivor is suffering from amnesia and can tell rescuers nothing about the accident or even who she is. No identification or personal possessions were recovered from the crash site.

Rescue efforts were hampered by continuing social unrest across much of Mauranie and the threat of revolution has grown even stronger over the past several days.

In other news, Mauranie's King Rodon is said to have sent his family out of the country due to the increasing likelihood of revolution or coup. We have no information on when or where his family has gone, but rumours suggest his daughter was seen heading for a small airfield near the palace...

Welcome to Paradise. A brand new game for PC, which creates a new world of adventure, in an African kingdom on the brink of collapse.

You awake lost and alone, with no idea where you are, who you are, or how you got here. You ache all over feel like you've been beaten, or involved in an accident...?

You play Ann Smith, crash survivor and stranger - even to yourself. To discover the truth about your past, you must head into Mauranie, facing not only the wild heart of the country itself, but the political turmoil which threatens to break the country apart.

A classic adventure game with a strong female lead character and an exotic, dreamlike setting, Paradise is a game for a new generation of gamers. Written by Benoît Sokal, a legend in the creation of adventure games, Paradise creates an enthralling new experience for new gamers and experienced players alike.

"Paradise is one of the first games in a new generation of adventure games," says Gordon Ross, the managing director of publisher YooStar. "Like all of Benoit's titles, the writing is exceptional, the storyline, setting and characters all combine to create a game which we think creates something genuinely new and exciting. Far too many titles are aimed at a young male audience. Paradise creates a world and offers an experience which we think will have a huge appeal for female players and anyone who is looking for a new and engaging experience on their home computer."

Paradise is available from a wide range of independent game stores throughout the UK. If your local shop doesn't have a copy, it can also be bought online from Amazon in the UK.

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