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Wedgie Toss 2

Flash-based version of the game reaches 14 million underwear attacks.

ENCINO, Calif. – (June 11, 2009) – On the eve of the worldwide launch of Wedgie Toss 2 for the iPhone this week,, the online comic book world come to life, reached a new milestone with the snapping of the virtual world’s 14 millionth wedgie, it was shouted from the rooftops of Urbanville by the town’s leading political figure, Mayor DaMan.

Released just a year ago, Wedgie Toss 2 was immediately embraced by the teen/tween residents of the burgeoning virtual world of Urbaniacs, who have since snapped out over 14 million game plays on and over 80 flash game aggregator Web sites.

"We believe 14 million+ wedgies breaks the record," said company president Josh Fisher. "What kind of record, we're not sure. If not a flash game record, then we'll claim the virtual wedgies record."

On the heels of the game’s latest milestone, Wedgie Toss 2 is embarking on a quest to conquer the world of mobile and handheld gaming devices as the latest application for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Wedgie Toss 2 is now available at iTunes for 99 cents.

Wedgie Toss 2 is just one of over 25 flash games on Urbaniacs, a free social game community developed by Brandissimo! with over 150,000 members who create their own virtual super-avatar, make friends ("Homies") and take on their Arch-Enemies in multi-player battles.


Urbaniacs is a comic book world come to virtual life. Transform your online self into your own funk-infused super-avatar known as an “Urbanic.” Meet new “Homeys” or challenge your “Arch enemies” in a multiplayer battle. Each Urbaniac can be customized in thousands of ways. While the characters and styles are immediately attractive to younger audiences, the depth, clever games, and irreverent sensibility appeal to the teens and adults who play. There is a wide range of humorous and entertaining interactions for anyone looking for an adventure. Direct your Urbaniac to “The Streets” to chat with friends and show off funky super powers, or cruise to the “Arena” to take out some aggressions with a hilarious round of “Wedgie Toss.” Join a local challenge to become a “Boombox” master, or spend some time earning “Urbos” (Urbanville’s currency) while playing “Beat Bot Boogie.” There are many compelling social community features built into the comic gameplay of the world. Once you’ve earned some Urbos, you can head down to the “Pimp Out Depot” to trade them in for some fresh new gear and gadgets to equip on your Urbaniac. But be careful! At any moment, you could be faced with a challenge, assault, or battle by another Urbaniac or one of the in-game characters. Scared? Don’t be. Just invite some Homeys along and you and your crew could take over the city in no time.

The group elements make the site come to life. Try your best to out-rap Urbanville’s Mayor DaMan in the “Freestyle” rap forum or check out the “Newbie” posts to get some insider tips about how to play the more challenging games. Better yet, create your own forum and see how the Urbaniacs community responds. Urbaniacs is an evolving virtual world created to inspire the imagination and provide hours of funk funny, funky entertainment and adventure to all who participate.

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