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Weaponry in Lineage II the Chaotic Throne: Interlude

Information written by Kelly Knox, Lineage II North America Community Manager

Tuesday 27th March/...Today NCsoft release Lineage II the Chaotic Throne: Interlude weaponry information written by Kelly Knox, Lineage II North America Community Manager

New and Improved Weaponry

Newly fashioned weapons, a "try before you buy" system for existing weapons, and a new method to enhance a weapon are all coming this April in the next major Lineage II game update, Interlude.

New Weapons

Twelve new weapons for player's level 62 and above will be added in Interlude. These distinctive swords, staves, bow, and more are considered the best for their level. These weapons can also be endowed with a special ability that grants a beneficial effect like haste, more HP or MP, and more.

A new demonic weapon, Akamanah, is also coming in Interlude. Demonic weapons allow players to engage in Player vs. Player combat without fear of penalties, and the Akamanah is just as bloodthirsty as its inspiration, Zariche. The god of chaos, Gran Kain, imitated the Demonic Sword Zariche by shaping a blade with his blood. He named it "Aka." The fallen goddess Shilen created another blade with her own blood and deemed it "Manah." The two blades combined in the form of a dual sword, each held in one hand, and came to be known as the Blood Sword Akamanah.

A player wielding Akamanah is only given its amazing power for a short time. The bearer of Akamanah gains the skills Void Flow and Void Burst, and can strike other players without remorse.

Shadow Weapons

Existing weapons also get special attention in Interlude. Players now have a chance to try out a weapon before spending the time and money on the real thing with the addition of Shadow Weapons. A Shadow Weapon is just as powerful as its namesake and is more affordable to obtain, but has a limited lifespan.

Mid-level players ranging from levels 20 to 60 can take advantage of these temporary weapons. When players complete their class transfer quests at level 20 and level 40, they will receive a coupon for a free Shadow Weapon. Higher level Shadow Weapons can also be purchased from the weapon vendors in the village.

Weapon Augmentation

Players level 40 and above can also add all-new effects and benefits to their weapons in Interlude. The weapon augmentation system grants an ability or status to the weapon, with thousands of possibilities. Bonuses include active and passive skills or a boost to the player's stats. The granted bonus is random, so players will enjoy putting their luck to the test to get the best abilities!

All that a player needs to add an augmentation is a Life Stone and gem stones. Life Stones are acquired from hunting monsters, and raid monsters have a better chance of dropping a high level Life Stone.

From new weapons to bonuses for existing weapons, there's something for everyone looking to improve their weapon of choice in Interlude!

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