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"We're investing to win in Europe," says Microsoft

Funds will be put into XBL Marketplace and Arcade as well as studios, in an effort to ensure Xbox's success in the region

David Gosen, Microsoft's VP of strategic marketing in Europe, has said that the company will invest the European market to ensure that the Xbox 360 becomes the region's console of choice.

During his keynote address at the Gamefest UK developer event, Gosen detailed Microsoft's new strategy for the Xbox 360, saying he believes the "Xbox is going to be the platform that wins this hardware generation", according to Develop.

"We're investing to win in Europe," he explained. "We can do better and we're incredibly well-placed to drive success in the region. We've got to make sure we tailor our resource needs to the games we are making."

Upcoming plans apparently include pumping more funds into supporting Xbox Live's Marketplace and Arcade, as well as internal and external studios.

"We're going to invest in more ways than we have before," Gosen added.

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