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WCG Invites Gamers’ Opinions on WCG 2006 Rules and Regulations of Official Games

  • Gamers can participate in official game rule evaluation through WCG official website by March 12
  • WCG will provide five languages - Korean, English, Chinese, Spanish, and Italian - for more various opinions
  • Five participants to be randomly awarded with top grade Intel CPU and Samsung digital cameras

(Seoul, March 6, 2006) International Cyber Marketing, Inc. (ICM, CEO: Hank Jeong), the global organizer of World Cyber Games (WCG, www.worldcybergames.com) announced today that it would take worldwide gamers' opinions before setting up the WCG 2006 rules and regulations.

The existing game rules have been decided by national organizers in WCG participating countries and expert groups such as WCG tournament masters, tournament referees, administrators of renowned e-Sport communities, and managers of professional game teams after scrupulous game tests and deliberations. To gather gamers' opinions worldwide, WCG invites gamers to give his or her thoughts on the rules and regulations through WCG official website. To be an evaluator, a gamer only needs to go through brief registration process joining him or herself as a WCG member. This year, rules and regulations are translated into English as well as Korean, Chinese, Spanish, and Italian so that it could become possible to gather gamers' opinions in wider regions.

The event will continue through March 12 and five participants among evaluators will be randomly awarded with the Intel CPU (Intel Pentium Extreme Edition) and Samsung digital cameras. The prize winner will be announced at the WCG official website.

Gamers can participate in the rule evaluation process by visiting the WCG website (www.worldcybergames.com) and stating his or her opinion after reading rules and regulations for each title. The official WCG 2006 game rules and regulations will be finalized and announced in late March 2006 after reviewed by game developers of official titles and relevant e-Sport institutions.

Hank Jeong, CEO of ICM, said, "WCG is a worldwide event open to all the game lovers including casual gamers as well as pro-gamers. We'd love to set the respectable standards for global game competitions which reflect gamers' opinions and requests through gamers' active participation."

About the World Cyber Games

The World Cyber Games (Co-Chairmen Chung, Dong-chea & Yun, Jong-yong, www.worldcybergames.com) is a global game culture festival that was founded in 2000 to promote global harmony through e-sports. The event started in 2000, and has been running annually ever since (this will be the sixth year). With the slogan "Beyond the Game," the World Cyber Games has truly developed into a global game phenomenon with arguably the largest prize amount at stake. The World Cyber Games prides itself on leading the "Digital Entertainment Culture." The WCG 2006 will be held on October 18th to 22nd in Monza, Italy, which is famous for Formula 1.


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Michelle Kim, ICM michelle@icm2k.com +82-2-2106-6550

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