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Watch the ÜberSoldier Unleash His Fury in an Exciting New Trailer

New trailer Shows off multiple gameplay aspects from CDV's newly released FPS

To celebrate the official release of ÜberSoldier to retail stores, we've unveiled an exciting new trailer today. In the trailer, you can watch as our undead hero obliterates waves of zombies, soldiers, aircraft and naval ships with a mix of handheld and heavy artillery - including everything from flamethrowers and machine guns to deck-cannons and torpedoes.

In ÜberSoldier, you take the role of Karl Stolz, an officer killed leading a Wehrmacht patrol against partisan forces. The process that has brought life back to your lifeless body has unlocked powers from within your once-dead mind - but they do not take away the memories of what your Nazi masters have done to you.

In the game, you'll use up to 16 different authentic World War II weapons to complement your new powers, fighting both human opponents and supernatural warriors over twelve levels of play, in your quest to eliminate once and for all the Nazi menace.

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