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Warriors Orochi

One and a half million units now shipped of Koei's Dynasty/Samurai crossover.

For Immediate Release:

Hertfordshire, UK- MAY 21, 2008 - KOEI today announced that the company has shipped a combined one and a half million units worldwide of WARRIORS OROCHI™ across all video game platforms. The hit game is a crossover of two of the company’s biggest franchises, DYNASTY WARRIORS® and SAMURAI WARRIORS®.

“This milestone is a significant testament to the global impact not only of this game, but also to the tremendous admiration that fans worldwide share for the DYNASTY WARRIORS and SAMURAI WARRIORS characters,” said Amos Ip, Senior Vice President at KOEI Corporation. “As we celebrate, I would like to recognize and express our thanks to the video game world’s greatest fans for making this achievement possible.”

WARRIORS OROCHI is available for the PSP® (PlayStation® Portable) system, Windows-based PC, Xbox 360® video game and entertainment system from Microsoft, and PlayStation®2 computer entertainment system.

KOEI also announced that it is bringing WARRIORS OROCHI 2 to Europe. The game will be available for the Xbox 360® and PlayStation®2 in September 2008.


Without warning, the venomous Serpent King Orochi descended from the heavens. Using his unworldly powers to shatter time and space, Orochi kidnapped the strongest, wisest and most courageous warriors from Ancient China and Feudal Japan in a scheme to test his might against the heroes of these ages.

In WARRIORS OROCHI the characters from both franchises must team-up to wage war against this new, yet powerful force. The game boasts an amazing roster of 79 playable characters, while four action-packed “crossover” storylines feature amazing team-ups and some long-awaited confrontations between characters from both series.

The game’s new “Team Battle System” and “Weapon Fusion” push Tactical Action to a whole new level. For the first time in KOEI’s Tactical Action games, players can create their own three-person tag team. At any given time, one warrior will be engaged in battle, while the other two are recuperating; restoring their Life Meters and Musou Gauges. Every character is categorized according to offensive ability, and with new fighting techniques, it’s up to the player to find the most lethal combination of warriors. “Weapon Fusion” lets players combine the attributes from different weapons for more devastating results.

WARRIORS OROCHI for PSP boasts the massive seamless battlefields of the console versions, and includes all 79 playable characters, plus 2-player co-op play via wireless (ad-hoc).

WARRIORS OROCHI for Windows-based PC features enhanced graphics (for PCs meeting the recommended system requirements) and is available in stores now.

About Koei Ltd.

KOEI Ltd. is a subsidiary of Japanese company KOEI Co., Ltd. and has had offices in Hertfordshire, UK since 2003. KOEI maintains operations in Japan, the US, UK, Canada, China, Korea, France, Taiwan, Singapore, and Lithuania. KOEI employs over 900 people worldwide with sales exceeding $250 million. The company constantly seeks to achieve a fine balance between entertainment, technology, art and education and provides games that will mesmerize gamers globally.


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Koei Ltd.

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