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Sci-fi RPG from the folks behind AdventureQuest, scheduled to drop out of warp next month.

LAND O’LAKES, FL – JUNE 16, 2009 – Artix Entertainment, with over 80 million gamer accounts for their four game titles, today announced WarpForce, its fifth RPG, scheduled to launch July 15, 2009.

“WarpForce is all about taking the Player on Star Trek and Star Wars-style adventures from the point of view of characters that come from a traditional swords-and-sorcery fantasy world,” said Tony Deller, Project Lead, WarpForce. “It’s all about going on a journey through the stars on a search for every bit of humor and action in the universe.”

WarpForce begins on the world of Lore, familiar to the Artix audience as a world inhabited by wizards, warriors, dragons, and all types of fantastic creatures.

WarpForce is about the people of Lore (Humans, Dwarves, Elves, and a reptilian race called Drakel) who band together to create a fleet of starships powered by both magic and science, and zoom into outer space on missions to defeat a powerful and vast alien network that is working to take over the universe. The game takes ideas of traditional fantasy and rockets them into a Sci-Fi universe, combining classic RPG elements with the hallmark Artix Entertainment humor.

WarpForce is a massive single-player storyline that unlocks as the player levels up (much like a console game), becoming more powerful by increasing stats and getting advanced equipment. Players will be able to choose from several races (each with benefits), dynamically change equipment during colorful and exciting animated battles, and also be able to combine their efforts in large wars and crossover events.

Beta is scheduled to begin July 3, 2009, and will be free to players of Artix’s AdventureQuest game ( who have upgraded to Guardian status. The full public launch of WarpForce is scheduled for Wednesday, July 15, 2009.

Players can visit to get more game details.

Gamers are encouraged to follow WarpForce’s development progress, and see concept art and screen shots, at

About Artix Entertainment

Artix Entertainment LLC, is a privately held, game development and publishing studio that specializes in creating online, browser-based, anime-style, role-playing Flash games with a distinctive visual style and high-quality game play. Artix has developed a range of games with storylines that are based in the fantasy, Sci-Fi, and adventure genre. Content within the games is updated on a weekly basis creating a compelling experience which keeps users coming back frequently for new content and story lines. Artix core offerings are three online RPG games: AdventureQuest, DragonFable, and MechQuest, and one MMORPG AdventureQuest Worlds. Players can visit and for more information.

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