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Warner Bros loses Doom movie rights, id denies Universal deal

Movie studio Warner Bros has lost the rights to create a film based on id Software's action horror franchise Doom, it has emerged, with the developer in talks to continue the project with other film studios.

Warner had the rights for almost a year and a half before id chose to move the franchise elsewhere - apparently executing a clause in its contract which caused the rights to revert to the developer if progress had not been made on the movie within 15 months.

Although the film has been in development hell for many years now - with the original idea for a movie being proposed the better part of a decade ago - id seems keen to get Doom onto the big screen as soon as possible, in order to tie in with its own return to the franchise in the form of the forthcoming Doom III.

It's expected that the movie - for which Warner Bros reportedly had a completed script - will be based on the new game.

Reports in the Hollywood Reporter and Variety suggest that the project will find a new home at Universal Studios, with producers Lorenzo di Bonaventura and John Wells backing it and music video director Enda McCallion pencilled in to helm the feature.

However, id Software boss Todd Hollenshead told US website HomeLAN that while Wells and di Bonaventura are both attached to the project, a studio has yet to be settled upon - with a number of interested candidates in the running.

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