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WarLeaders:WW2 official website is online now!

Deidesheim 10.September 2004

Schanz International Consultants is very proud to bring you the official website of our partner ENIGMA'S upcoming title WarLeaders:WW2, offering updated info, amazing screenshots and latest news in development: www.warleaders-game.com

WAR LEADERS:WW2's aim is to provide a high quality, unique, state-of-the-art strategy game set in the Second World War, with two clearly differentiated game-play parts.

In one part -the manager part- you will control all the high level decisions made during the course of war. In the other part -the RTS part-you will have real time control of the battles that arise in the "manager" part in a fully 3D environment.You can enjoy an all-embracing game in which you have direct controls over all the most important aspects of war. It will be the most complete Second World War game ever produced!

The goal is to find yourself in a world of possibilities with sufficient freedom to control the course of war! You will be able to win the conflict with any side included in the game! To do this, you have to lead your chosen nation effectively in all strategic aspects: military, economic and diplomatic...

For the unique strategy game WAR LEADERS:WW2: www.warleaders-game.com

For more on ENIGMA: www.enigmasp.com

For more on SIC: www.schanzgames.com

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