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The four highlights of WarFlow.

No waste of time on buildings or soldiers

In the average war games, gamers have to wait a long time before enough resources are collected and required buildings are built. So much time is wasted on these uninteresting projects that very little joy is left for gamers to experience. In WarFlow, buildings are finished instantly and no production or training required for soldiers. Instead, Heroes (300 in total) are the fighters in WarFlow. With no redundant tasks involved, gamers are able to focus on strengthening their Heroes by training, improvement, technologies and equipments.

Less non-military tasks

Silver that can be obtained instantly in WarFlow is almost the only resource required for governmental and military construction. At this rate, gamers spend little time on construction and upgrades and have more time to manage their various types of forces (72 in total) and formations (10 in total).


A game of mere PVE mode is boring. WarFlow unlocks group-fight and legions for characters of around level 10. At first gamers can go on a group-fight against NPC and later they can have Legion vs Legion wars.

Reasonable gaming expenses

Gamers are given plenty of free MCUs (required for initiating attacks) and free chances to gain Silver. They can spend a little money to speed up the growth of forces, but it’s not necessary since WarFlow allows gamers to outfox each other without spending a penny.

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