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Nine servers released in two months.

WarFlow, succeeding to DOVOGAME’s first world-known business strategy game Business Tycoon Online, was produced based on the company’s 10 years’ experience with game development. Its unorthodox game system has been praised by all war game fanatics.

In WarFlow, gamers can straight up attack enemies at the right beginning without waiting for anything to be prepared beforehand. As all the WarFlow features are aimed at military victories, WarFlow gamers are more than happy to do anything needful, which of course can be finished very fast, unlike the other war strategy games that require a long, frustrating, teeth-pulling process of building construction and soldier production.

WarFlow offers plenty of chances for gamers to utilize their wisdom and tactics in military formations, Heros, troops, attacking, defense and medication, so that gamers can focus on military actions instead of being distracted and frustrated by any pointless features.

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