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MMORTS launches closed beta tomorrow, and the more you play, the more gold you get.

Lekool Inc, A China based online developers and Publishers of Online browser based games, Announces the launch of its newest MMORTS game WarFlow.

WarFlow is a browser-based real-time strategy game that includes many traditional MMORTS features, including resource management, city building, a hero system, and battle against other players and NPC warlords.

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4  day ago 05:32

Join The lekool WarFlow Closed beta Event and win lots of Amazing Prizes!!

The Closed Beta Commences on 26th January 2011, 19:00 Hour PST

End of Closed Beta test 9 th February 2011,  19:00 Hours PST

All the players who participate in the Close Beta test of Warflow get the following rewards

Closed Beta registration rewards :

All the players who join the Close beta of war Flow will get the following rewards

When you Join the Game : 500 gold Total online time is 5 Minutes : 10 Gold Total Online time is 30 Minutes : 20 Gold Total online time is 1 Hour : 30 Gold Total online time is 2 Hour : 40 Gold Total online time is 5 hour : 50 gold Total Online Time is 10 Hour : 50 Gold

Top Player Awards :

In the game the Players are Ranked By RP (or Reputation Points). Players will gain RP by attacking players of other nations. RP will determine the daily salary you can get and the number of heroes you can draft.

The Players who are Top ten at the end of the Closed Beta will be rewarded the following in Open Beta

First prize (Top Rank in RP): 500 Gold

Second (2nd ranked Player in RP) : 300 Gold

Third (3rd Ranked Player in RP) : 200 Gold

Four to ten (Ranked 4 to Rank 10 in RP) : 100 Gold

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