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War Plan Pacific

Just checking you hadn't forgotten about tonight's chat with developer John Hawkins. (You had, hadn't you?)

News Release: For Immediate Release

Hampstead, NC, 27 January 2009

Shrapnel Games would like to remind everyone that we are hosting a chat with John Hawkins, designer and developer of the recently released War Plan Pacific today. The chat, scheduled for January 27th at 9 PM EST/6 PM PST, will be held on the Shrapnel Games forum located at Look for "Chat" on the top bar of the forum, third from the left. You must be registered on the forum to participate.

John will be discussing War Plan Pacific and is looking forward to answering your questions on the game and providing insight into the design process. Just don't ask too many questions about golf. Well, you can ask, just expect better responses on War Plan Pacific (turns out that there is a senior writer for Golf World also named John Hawkins).

War Plan Pacific is a computer wargame for Windows of grand strategic air and naval warfare in the Pacific during the Second World War. Players relive the conflict from the initial day of infamy until the surrender of Imperial Japan (although with a dose of daring strategy and a little bit of luck your digital history does not have to be a repeat of actual history), commanding individual ships, amphibious forces, and air groups. The struggle takes place from Singapore to San Francisco, from Alaska to Australia, taking into account twenty-nine strategically important historic locations.

War Plan Pacific takes only a single session to complete, allowing it to be both a great choice for the busy single-player gamer and one for those who prefer multi-player experiences. While streamlined to allow play in such a reasonable amount of time by no means does that mean War Plan Pacific lacks historical accuracy. Victory conditions are based on historic possibilities and the order of battle is based on real world ship entry dates. Combat itself is a perfect example of the overall design philosophy of the game: while easily handled beneath the hood the game accounts for belt armor, deck armor, primary and secondary guns (and their penetration values at various ranges), and more.

War Plan Pacific ships with three core scenarios and is open to players creating their own scenarios through editing the .XML files that make up a scenario. Since these are text based documents anyone can craft their own perfect little war! To help facilitate a rich scenario experience KE Studios, developer of War Plan Pacific, recently released a scenario reference guide. Available as a .PDF, it can be downloaded from the official War Plan Pacific product page (along with the demo, if you have not yet tried this fantastic title):

War Plan Pacific has garnered a great deal of accolades since its release in mid-December. Out of Eight, IGN, and the French Cyberstratege all scored their reviews for the game high, with Flash of Steel having it tie for Wargame of the Year in 2008 (which is pretty impressive when you consider that in two weeks it beat out twelve months worth of previous titles!).

War Plan Pacific retails for only $39.95, either as a physical product or as a digital download. It is only available for Windows.

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