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War Plan Pacific

Development not quite going to plan; release delayed till next month.

Hampstead, NC, 19 November 2008

The date was fast approaching for War Plan Pacific to set sail and all hands-visuals and audio, artificial intelligence, single player action-had reported in except for good ol' hard partying network play. Seems that network play was having a little to much fun down at the watering hole and no matter how many shore patrols came down there to crack skulls and drag it back, network play held out for a little bit more fun. When it finally staggered back to the S.G. War Plan Pacific the date of opportunity had been missed. A new date was quickly established, a date not too far off...

What we're trying to say is that unfortunately while every intention was to have War Plan Pacific for Windows shipping on the 20th of this month we have pushed the release date back to the middle of December. The delay occurred to ensure that network play, which a lot of folks are quite eager to use, was a smooth experience with no surprising results. Like if, playing network, War Plan Pacific caused your computer to become sentient, hack into the ICBM grid and unleash a nuclear holocaust on the planet. That would be bad and would lead to some very Angry Internet Men. Or maybe Angry Internet Mutants.

Testing took a little longer than anticipated but War Plan Pacific is slated to hit gold by this coming weekend and will be available by mid December. Our apologies for all those looking forward to spending some quality Turkey-day time with the game, but you will have it before the Christmas holidays, and nothing goes better with eggnog than sinking the Yamato. And if you're not in the US and the last Thursday of the month is just another day for you, we of course also mean the apology for you, too. War Plan Pacific had the highest number of pre-orders in the past five years of any title Shrapnel Games has released and we understand there will be a lot of people disappointed in the news.

War Plan Pacific is a computer wargame for Windows developed by KE Studios and published by Shrapnel Games. The game covers the entire struggle between the United States and her allies against the forces of Imperial Japan between 1941 and 1945. Grand strategic in nature, War Plan Pacific is turn based and has a high degree of playability. A full game, from Pearl to Tokyo Bay, can be completed in under three hours, making it the perfect game for today's busy wargamer.

Although meant to be played in a single session (which of course also makes it great for head to head gaming) strategy gamers will appreciate that War Plan Pacific allows them to explore a full range of historical tactics, or they can forge their own path on their way to achieving one of multiple victory conditions. The three scenarios (one historical, two alternate set ups) are kept as XML text files and can easily be edited, along with many other aspects of the game, to create brand new scenarios.

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