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War Plan Pacific

Designer John Hawkins appearing on this week's Three Moves Ahead podcast.

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Hampstead, NC, 18 March 2009

Soren Johnson, lead designer of Civilization IV, calls it "the perfect strategy podcast." The father of new game journalism, Kieron Gillen recommends it to "..anyone who enjoys strategy yibber..."

We are of course talking about Three Moves Ahead, Troy Goodfellow's fifty minutes of thought provoking discussion on strategy gaming with fellow co-hosts Tom Chick, Bruce Geryk, and Julian Murdoch. This week's podcast features none other than the man behind the acclaimed computer wargame War Plan Pacific, developer and designer John Hawkins.

For fans of War Plan Pacific or strategy gaming period the podcast is a must listen. Head on over right now to check it out:

Three Moves Ahead Podcast:

War Plan Pacific, developed by KE Studios and published by Shrapnel Games, is a wargame for Windows covering the war in the Pacific from 1941 until 1945 (give or take depending on how well everyone performs in the game after all). With an emphasis on grand strategy the game can be played in a single session. Heck, with such a welcome play time in today's hectic world gamers could even run their own tournament against other players in a weekend if they so desire!

While presenting the war at a macro scale War Plan Pacific is a game that doesn't skimp on details. As the supreme commander of the forces of Imperial Japan or the Allies, players can expect to fight over twenty-nine historical bases using individual ships of light cruiser size or larger. Winning can be achieved under differing conditions, and conditions even vary from side to side, allowing a high level of replayability as gamers try out the many possible paths to victory.

War Plan Pacific supports multiplayer gaming for two and features easily editable scenarios. All one needs is time and the ability to edit text and before you know it you have your very own 1930s last clash of the dreadnoughts scenario.

It should be noted that War Plan Pacific takes a very much classic approach to wargaming, being a turn based game that feels very much like a digital board game. That said, while the approach is classic the actual system is very modern; intuitive and sleek to players.

War Plan Pacific has been earning quite a bit of praise since its December 2008 release: an Editor's Choice award from Gameshark, a seven out of eight at Out of Eight, and a solid eight at CyberStratege, amongst others. The fans have also embraced it, and are always looking for a good fight so be sure to stop by the Shrapnel Games forum if you're looking to crank a multiplayer session up.

War Plan Pacific is available either as a physical CD or a direct download for only $39.95. Visit the official product page for ordering, more information on the game, or to download the demo.

Be sure to stop by for the entire catalog of fine independent strategy games published by Shrapnel Games. Celebrating ten years in business all year, Shrapnel Games offers a diverse catalog, from the truly epic-Dominions 3: The Awakening-to the wild and wacky such as Space HoRSE and Weird Worlds: Return to Infinite Space. Recent releases include BRAINPIPE: A Plunge to Unhumanity by Digital Eel and Battle Group Commander, Episode One by ProSIM.

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