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War of Legends

Jagex's browser-based RTS gains hundreds of thousands of players during beta phase.

CAMBRIDGE, UK—18 March 2010 – Jagex Games Studio, the UK’s largest independent games company, today announced that its first third-party publishing title War of Legends has achieved rapid acceleration in popularity during the game’s beta phase, which launched in January 2010. With hundreds of thousands of players already joining the battle, War of Legends has already significantly changed the landscape of real-time strategy gaming.

“It is great to see so many players flock to War of Legends so soon after its launch and it is especially encouraging to see entire alliances independently migrate from other RTS games to War of Legends” said Mark Gerhard, CEO at Jagex Games Studio. “Jagex has a long standing reputation for offering unparalleled browser-based game play, and War of Legends is no exception to this commitment. With the game’s extensive content, high quality graphics and ease of levelling it is clear to see why so many players have been enticed to the game and we are confident that as the game evolves War of Legends will cement its position as the must play RTS game.”

War of Legends is a flash-based RTS game based on ancient Chinese mythology, which immerses players in a world where they can build vast empires, appoint legendary leaders and form multi-player alliances to reach eternal glory. This rich back-story is a drastic contrast to traditional RTS games that typically have very fragmented or non-existent storylines. The development quality far exceeds that of similar titles currently in the market, and parallels Jagex’s high standard for game excellence, depth of content, graphics and community support.

“The response from the War of Legends community has been overwhelmingly positive” said Mark Gregson, War of Legends’ Community Manager at Jagex. “Players are really enjoying the depth of game play, which is missing from other browser-based RTS games, and our reputation for integrity, community support and high quality gaming has positioned War of Legends as the leading free to play RTS. It has been fascinating to watch as players build up their cities, create alliances and command their armies into battle. Our dedicated community team are planning an ongoing series of in-game events to challenge and test our players and we can’t wait to welcoming more players as they join the War of Legends community.”

War of Legends is available to play for free by visiting

About War of Legends

War of Legends is a real-time strategy game based on ancient Chinese mythology where players rule empires, manage resources, and command armies to conquer their enemies. The game is free-to-play and is playable directly in the internet browser without any downloads. War of Legends is the first third-party title published by Jagex Games Studio and is available to play for free today by visiting .

About Jagex Publishing

Jagex Publishing is a division of Jagex Games Studio, the largest independent games developer and publisher in the UK.

Jagex has developed and self-published over 40 online titles including the world’s most popular free multiplayer online game, Jagex’s latest release, War of Legends, is the studio’s first third-part title and the studio has ambitious plans to release multiple titles from third-party developers throughout the year alongside the studio’s own in-house titles.

Jagex – Just About the Game Experience

Jagex Games Studio is a leading independent computer games developer and publisher specialising in the development of high quality online games.

The studio has a long standing reputation for creating the world’s best online games by developing hugely popular, high quality, assessable, free-to-play games and for providing an unbeatable community experience for millions of players around the globe.

Jagex is best known for RuneScape, the three times Guinness World record holder for the world’s largest free-to-play MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game), and, the studio’s captivate games portal. Jagex currently employs almost 400 people across two Cambridge studios.

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