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War of Legends

Jagex launches its first third-party-developed game, a Flash-based RTS based on Chinese myth.

Tuesday 19th January/...Jagex Games Studio, the UK’s largest independent games company, today announced the release of its first third-party developed game, War of Legends. The game, which will be joining Jagex’s established portfolio of over 40 free-to-play games, will be available to play from today and players eager to find out more can register for free at www.waroflegends.com.

War of Legends is a real-time strategy game based on Chinese myth law; living out the ancient legend, players either pledge their support to the incumbent, unscrupulous and merciless King or his valiant, righteous, yet unproven contender. Players will be required to rule empires, manage resources, and command vast armies to conquer their enemies, whilst attempting to defend their wealthy cities against similarly experienced armies in a bid to gain ultimate supremacy.

War of Legends has a continuously evolving storyline with regular game updates, new tasks and in game items to keep players captivated. War of Legends features a persistent game world that continues to play out even when players are offline, allowing their armies to gain in strength and additional resources that will await them upon their return. As players build their empires they are quickly encouraged to form alliances with other players around the world to collaborate on the legendary quest for eternal glory.

War of Legends will naturally appeal to gamers with an interest in real-time strategy, tactical and management games, and with Jagex’s assistance players are guaranteed an engaging, attractive and ultimately compelling gaming experience that is completely accessible to all.

War of Legends is the first third-party title to be published by Jagex Games Studio. The game is also the first Flash game from Jagex and, like all Jagex games, requires no downloads, is playable in the browser and is accessible on almost any PC with an internet connection.

“When we started to develop games in 2001 we were forced to self-publish as none of the ‘traditional publishers’ seemed interested in or even understood online game publishing. Nearly a decade and a great deal of success later, we want to leverage our experience and global reach to help other talented young developers bring their games to life” said Mark Gerhard, CEO at Jagex. “We were approached by the War of Legends development team last year, we played it and loved it, we believe our players would probably feel the same way so it’s only natural to add it to our growing catalogue of games on Jagex.com. We are actively recruiting to help scale up our publishing division throughout 2010 and we are confident that WarofLegends.com will be the first of many great third-party games to be published by Jagex.”

War of Legends is available to play for free today at www.waroflegends.com.

About War of Legends

War of Legends is a real-time strategy game based on ancient Chinese mythology where players rule empires, manage resources, and command armies to conquer their enemies. The game is free-to-play and is playable directly in the internet browser without any downloads. War of Legends is the first third-party title published by Jagex Games Studio and is available to play from the 19th January 2010 at www.WarOfLegends.com.

About Jagex

Jagex Games Studio is a world leading developer of high quality browser-based games and is the largest independent games developer and publisher in the UK, with some 400 staff across two studios in Cambridge, England.

Built exclusively on Jagex’s own proprietary platforms and tools; Jagex is a leader in innovation and technology within the online games space with the worlds #1 free multiplayer online game RuneScape.com and Jagex.com, the studio’s captivating free browser games website.




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