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War – Never Been So Much Phone!

For Immediate Release:

December 6th. Mobile games publisher and distributor Telcogames and videogames publisher Codemasters today announced the launch of a brand new mobile version of the legendary Amiga title Cannon Fodder for Symbian smartphones.

Created by Telcogames' internal development studio - Symbian gaming specialist Magic Productions - Cannon Fodder is co-published by Telcogames and Codemasters.

Originally released in the late 1990's for the Amiga home computer, Cannon Fodder is one of the most fondly remembered video games in the world, with legions of adoring fans. Unlike many of the more recent and serious 'squad-based' titles which rely on careful planning, cautious tactics and stealth, Cannon Fodder is more of a nature ramble with firearms. Sharp reflexes, a keen eye for camouflaged foe and not dying are key to a successful level.

Players must control their platoon of one or more soldiers and use them to seek and destroy enemy patrols, blow up ammunition dumps and barracks and generally cause mayhem. As the game progresses, each of the player's soldiers can be promoted through the ranks as their experience grows, increasing their aim, accuracy and speed. With only 30 soldiers in total and officers in short supply, players will have to keep a close eye on their troops if victory is to be won.

The new version of Cannon Fodder for Symbian Smartphones recreates the original title almost exactly, capturing the original's gameplay, humour and even the catchy theme tune. Utilising all of the processing power, large screens and sophisticated control systems of Symbian handsets, Cannon Fodder brings console quality gaming to mobile phones. The game features all of the graphics from the original Amiga game, running at an impressive 50 frames per second, as well as truetone sounds effects and music. The Symbian version of Cannon Fodder features four different scenarios, offering over 70 levels of gaming.

Cannon Fodder has been released to all major mobile networks and portals across Europe, North America and Asia through Telcogames' global distribution network.

Jamie Conyngham, the chief executive officer of Telcogames, said, "Cannon Fodder achieved cult status after the original game was released, for it's almost perfect gameplay - a blend of action, strategy and dark humour. The new mobile version of the game for Symbian devices captures this perfectly in a way which is just not possible with the smaller file sizes and more limited capabilities of Java (J2ME) and Brew games. Telcogames is committed to supporting Smartphones and using the power of these sophisticated handsets to create a new benchmark in mobile gaming. We are working with expert partners like Codemasters to identify and bring the highest quality games to a new generation of games consoles, which just happen to be mobile phone handsets. All of our titles are being made available through the widest possible range of mobile network operators, portals and retail channels to ensure players worldwide can play and enjoy these classic games."

Matt Davies, the director of Codemasters Mobile, said, "As handsets grow more powerful and networks offer an ever greater variety of media, mobile phone owners are realising that their handsets are extremely powerful and can be used to access a huge range of services, including gaming. By working with Telcogames to recreate a number of well loved titles, we are adhering to Codemaster's belief in providing the highest quality products. We are also giving Symbian smartphone owners a totally new experience on their handsets, which rivals that found on dedicated games consoles. We are looking forward to taking Cannon Fodder out globally to an audience which has already shown it's ready to embrace gaming and has a passion for games which are true classics."


Notes To Editors:

About Telcogames

Telcogames is a global publisher and distributor of mobile games. With Headquarters in the UK, the company is active in the mobile games market globally, supplying games directly and indirectly to 1st, 2nd and 3rd tier carriers as well as other media partners.

With a diverse catalogue of branded and unbranded content, Telcogames has one of the most comprehensive offerings of mobile games available. Telcogames suppliers of games include 85 of the best publishers and mobile game studios globally culminating in a portfolio of over 1000 mobile games.

Using a combination of partners, direct carrier relationships and local presence, Telcogames offers mobile game developers and publishers the opportunity to increase their distribution on a worldwide basis. Currently Telcogames has offices in London, Norrköping, Moscow, Melbourne, Tel Aviv, Tokyo, Taipei and Dusseldorf.

Telcogames provides mobile games to more than 126 channels directly worldwide including Orange Group, Vodafone DE, Telstra Group, Singtel Group, Sony Ericsson, Jamba, O2 and over 500 channels indirectly through its partner network

1 World - 8 Offices - 85 Content Providers - 500 Channels - 1000 Games - 1,000,000,000 Mobile Phone Users

For more information please visit www.telcogames.com


Codemasters is a leading developer and publisher of best-selling interactive entertainment products for a global audience on current and future gaming platforms and channels. Established in 1986, the company's dominant brands include Colin McRae Rally, TOCA Race Driver, LMA Manager, Brian Lara Cricket and Operation Flashpoint. The company is headquartered in Southam, Warwickshire UK and maintains European operations in Germany, France, Spain, and Benelux. The company has its US headquarters in New York. More information about the company and its products is available online at http://www.codemasters.com



Jamie Conyngham

Chief Executive Officer

E: jamie@telcogames.com


Matt Davies

Director of Codemasters Mobile


Richard Eddy

Head of Communication



Brian Baglow


M: +44 (0) 7747 792247

E: brian@indoctrimat.com

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**Symbian press release 18/08/2005 - http://www.symbian.com/news/pr/2005/pr20052418.html

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