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War Leaders: Clash of Nations

Gone gold and launching next month in Spain, Portugal, UK and Italy.

Madrid, September 11th 2008- Virgin PLAY will publish and distribute the Spanish developed WAR LEADERS: Clash of Nations. This new strategy game for PC will allow you to become any one of the most powerful leaders of the Second World War.

War Leaders: Clash of Nations, developed by Enigma Software Productions will be available in October in Spain, Portugal, UK and Italy. Developed for both casual and hardcore gamers, it has something for everyone.

War Leaders Clash of Nations gives the players two different options of gameplay: Management of troops and the execution of the plan on battlefield. These two parts make this strategy game the most complete World War II game ever made.

War Leaders: Clash of Nations uses its own Graphics engine and the latest technology in artificial intelligence and visual effects. An online mode will allow the player to participate in multi-player campaign with both the Management and battlefield aspects. Players will be able to interact with every element of the environment which of course, are completely destructible. Buildings can be blown to pieces and the terrain will be left scarred forever in the aftermath of the battle. Less expert players will be able to count on a help system for tips, tutorials and advice as well as a user-friendly interface to make the gameplay as enjoyable as possible.

Featured characteristics:

• 7 countries to choose from: USA, UK, URSS, France, Germany, Japan and Italy.

• Historically accurate: Each group will have the same resources and limitations they had in real life. There are also 3 different levels of historical accuracy that can be selected in order to begin the game in the same strategic and economic status of the chosen country.

• Multiplayer- up to 7 different players for campaign and 4 for battles made possible by Game Spy.

• 57 different battlefields, including the capitals of each of the main countries where battles were fought during WWII.

• Unlimited number of units.

• Air and naval battles.

• Different levels of difficulty and complexity.

• Amphibian units.

• All this and much MUCH more!

For more information, you can visit the official website:

Technical information:

Genre: Strategy

Format: PC

Developer: Enigma Software Productions

Published by: V2 PLAY

Distributed by: Virgin PLAY

PEGI: 16+


Launch date: October 2008

For more information:

Virgin Play Press Department

Pº de la Castellana 9-11

28046 Madrid

About Virgin PLAY:

Virgin Interactive Entertainment España S.A. commenced trading in 1995 with Mariele Isidoro and Francisco Encinas at the helm, a subsidiary of Virgin Interactive Entertainment Ltd, at the time, a VIACOM company. Over the next five years, VIE España became a leader in the videogame sector launching monster hits such as: Resident Evil 1&2, Command and Conquer, C&C: Red Alert, Driver and Baldur’s Gate. In May of 2002, Tim Chaney and Francisco Encinas lead a management buyout from then owners Titus Interactive and renamed the company Virgin PLAY and became the exclusive distributor in the Spanish and Portuguese markets for companies such as: Midway, Ignition (SNK), Take2,Playlogic, Koch Media, Koei and D3P just to name a few.

Virgin PLAY’s first publishing projects, starting in 2005, were Torrente 3, Dead & Furious and Final Armada- all became commercial successes. The company has added on to their catalogue with titles such as Donkey Xote, Snow X Racing (2007), The Crusaders(2008) and forthcoming in 2008 is Real Madrid –Real Life, Mind Your Language, Pocoyo and Lola Y Virginia, which will be published under Virgin’s new publishing brand: V.2Play.

Virgin sells and distributes its products worldwide using local distribution partners and multinational publishers and locally through their own offices in Spain and Portugal. For more information:

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