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War Front Unleashed at E3

E3 2006 trailer available for CDV's stunning new RTS

Today we have released the E3 trailer for War Front: Turning Point, a video filled with dazzling effects, heart-stopping destruction and some amazing new units. Watch as German Exoskeletons make quick work of infantry as super-Zeppelins dominate the skies, battling with Horton Delta-wing bombers. Heroes on the battlefield use their special powers, including Roland Hellman's triple-barreled Panzer Faust, to take down enemies both large and small.

What would happen if Hitler had been assassinated early on in WWII and the German war engine came under control of a new regime? Digital Reality and CDV aim to answer that question in War Front: Turning Point, bringing gamers an "alternate history" real-time strategy game. Gamers will be exposed to a whole new WWII timeline, new battles and a variety of secret and experimental weapons. Stunning graphics and a refreshing plot will keep gamers pinned to their PCs as they attempt to alter or ensure the outcome of vastly different World War II.

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