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Waplesoft - MAFOnline

Or "Make a Friend Online", a social network game from Korea running across multiple platforms.

The rapid expansion of various social network service (SNS) such as Facebook and Twitter had a great impact in the gaming industry as well. Social network game (SNG) became a new market in the industry. Upon the distribution of iPhone, a large amount of SNGs that had a success in the global market started to enter the Korean society. Along with the introduction of SNG, many of the local gaming companies started to work on developing SNG. Currently, many SNGs are being serviced on the web and smart phones. MAFOnline- Make a Friend Online- developed by Waplesoft is one of the projects that have been prepared for a long time to target this kind of new emerging market.

Come and visit MAF Island

MAFOnline is a SNG based on user community. Users are designated with their own island where they can play mini games, decorate their houses and form connections with other users. Instead of other games that does not have a separate social community, MAFOnline concentrates on the formation of community itself among the users.

Items are obtained through fishing, farming and collecting process. Then, users can use these obtained items to decorate their island and talk to other users. Neighbor users can create a strong bond between each other to form a strong user community. MAFOnline uses a matching system between similar style users and couples for easier formation of user communities.

Raise your pet as your butler

Users can raise pets on MAFOnline. An animal character called Bel can learn new tricks by attending classes works for your entertainment. Raised Bel can work as a butler and other jobs to help you decorate the house.

Other than helping you out in the game, Bel will also provide various entertainments during the game. Bell’s reaction will change based on its mood and stats. Users will feel the joy of raising pets through Bel’s reaction.

Enjoy it in every platform

MAFOnline was designed as a multi-platform game from the start. The basic concept of MAFOnline is based on being played in any type of platform such as PC and mobile devices. PC users will be able to choose one or more ways to enjoy MAFOnline, since it’s planned to come in 3 different versions: the client-based original, the web-based sister game, and the widget application.

MAFOnline for smart phone ill be designed to utilize location-based services and augmented reality ystem so users can enjoy smart-phone exclusive functions in the game. However, even though Waplesoft cannot run these projects at the same time, they are focusing their efforts on launching a web game both in local and Japanese market.

If the game is expanded to multi-platform as planned, users can connect to MAFOnline anywhere to enjoy their game and form new communities.

Game without battles

Waplesoft was found in May 2008 and it was when MAFOnline project was launched as well. However, the designing of MAFOnline travels back in time even further. Co-CEO Song Jae Yun and Kim Sang Kook realized the potential market of SNG while working together in Japan.

After working in Japan for 1 year, Song Jae Yun realized that he could create a fun game that does not involve battles and high-end PC functions.

He started creating MAFOnline in vision to create a game such as SIMS and Animal Forest in the global market but the process was not easy.

 “If there are too many answers, it means that there is no answer at all. Our game had too many answers and it caused a lot of problems,” said Song Jae Yun. His team gathered up in a ski camp and decided upon which direction they will focus their game on. Their 2-day planned camp has been delayed to three days and they did not even get to ski at all. However, they figured out what they wanted to accomplish in MAFOnline.

Their concept of the game is now becoming a reality. They are planning to start the service in Japan early next year based on the contract with Japanese game service company. Also, they are planning to expand their market in Asian countries such as Thailand and Taiwan. We hope to meet MAFOnline soon with great contents and ideas.

Song, JaeYeon

Tel: 82-31-8017-0512

Mobile: 82-10-5650-5922

Email: mtwan@waplesoft.com


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