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Wanted Xbox and Xbox 360 Gamers for more MMORPG Surveys

Epiphany Games to Publish a Series of Small Surveys aimed at Console Gamers MMORPG Experiences

Sydney, 30th November 2005 - Epiphany Games are once again inviting Xbox and Xbox 360 gamers from around the world to participate in a series of surveys that will be released in the coming months on a regular basis. A new survey will be published every month to offer console gamers the chance to add their input into developing a MMORPG for the Xbox 360 Console. Once again the survey can be found at on their homepage, or at the official homepage of Epiphany Games,

"We are really taking console gamers into consideration for our new game currently in development, and we are asking the Xbox community to participate to help us understand what they like to see in MMORPG's."

said Morgan Lean CEO of Epiphany Games

"PC gamers are also encouraged to submit their thoughts as our game is currently in development for the PC as well."

The first of many surveys has been published and is now ready for people to start participating.

About Epiphany Games

Epiphany Games Pty Ltd is an Australian based games company currently developing a MMORPG for the PC. The company was formed in 2004 by like minded individuals who saw a need not being fulfilled by current MMORPG's. Epiphany will provide high quality games, which appeal to hardcore and medium core gamers. We will be constantly communicating with gamers in order to provide a better service and experience.

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