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Wanted - the world's best "Rush for Berlin" player!

Rush for Berlin Multiplayer demo now available

New York, USA (May 24, 2006) - Paradox Interactive and Stormregion announced today the release of the multiplayer demo for "Rush for Berlin" and the official tournament for the game.

Over the coming weeks, players from different countries will play off against each other in a worldwide tournament that will determine who is the "Best Rush for Berlin Player"! The ladder competition will play out on Gamespy Arena and the winners will share hundreds of dollars worth of prizes!

To prepare for the tournament up to 4 players can practise multiplayer matches with the demo either over LAN, Direct IP or GameSpy. Furthermore it will be possible to play the maps of the demo solo against up to three AI enemies. Each of the three factions of the full game are available in the demo, each offering its own unique strengths and weaknesses: The Allies with a higher availability of resources, the germans with a higher technology level and the russians with faster and cheaper infantry production.

The multiplayer demo of "Rush for Berlin" offers two of the five modes available in the full game: Deathmatch and R.U.S.H.

R.U.S.H (Relentlessly Utilized Score Hunt)

This mode works on the same principles as the game itself: players rush for given target(s) to occupy various objects, which yield points. Whoever scores the most points in a given time period OR reaches the preset score limit wins. Each object grants a one-time bonus to the team which captures it first (and a reduced bonus if the object is destroyed).


Fight your way through the enemy front - against your friends or against the AI. The only goal is to eliminate any and all units belonging to other players - or teams.

Demo and access to the tournament are available on Fileplanet:

Direct download:

More information about the game can be found on the Rush for Berlin website:

About the Game

Top developer Stormregion is going one step further in this release. The 3D real-time strategy game Rush for Berlin depicts what might have happened if a new leadership had faced up to the advancing Allies and Russia, following Hitler's removal from power. What if they had deployed the already developed super weapons?

Your first aim is to win the race for Berlin in 1944 - 1945. Playing on the side of the Americans, will you succeed in hoisting the US flag on the "Reichstag" before the Red Army? Prepare yourself for a visually luxurious strategy hit that focuses on the enjoyment of the game: tactical WWII war gaming full of fresh ideas. Officers have special abilities and acquire new skills at every level. And the time factor will be introduced as a resource in a game for the first time.

Paradox Interactive publishes the World War II title Rush for Berlin in the United States and Canada under license. The race begins, MAY 2006. For further information on the latest hit from the creators of Panzers, please visit

About Stormregion

Stormregion is the premier Hungarian game software developer, specialized in 3D RTS games fully developed with in-house technology, based on the GEPARD 3D engine. Following the massively entertaining "S.W.I.N.E.", the company went on to create "Codename: Panzers", a full-bred RTS set in the WWII epoch. An explosive mixture of fast-paced action and dazzling mocap cinematics, it was one of the top sellers of 2004 and received high praise from both customers and gaming journalists. In 2005 summer the standalone add-on for Codename Panzers launched and Stormregion successfully presented the playable demo of Rush for Berlin on the Games Convention. The company currently employs over seventy people, working on the sequel of Codename Panzers (Panzers 2) and on the next release (Q2 2006) Rush for Berlin.

About Paradox Interactive

Paradox Interactive has been a leading publisher and developer of strategy games for the PC platform since 1999. Well-known for their strategy titles, the company's distribution network and followers span the globe. Paradox's experienced team has completed more than 17 titles, including such best-selling games as the Europa Universalis and Hearts of Iron franchises. Published titles in North America include Knights of Honor, as

well as upcoming titles Rush for Berlin and Heart of Empire: Rome. Worldwide titles to be published in 2006 include Hearts of Iron II: Doomsday and Take Command: 2nd Manassas. The company is currently working on Europa Universalis III, its biggest production yet.

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