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Wal-Mart secures substantial Wii supply

Giant US retailer to offer "tens of thousands" online from today

Nintendo's best-selling Wii console, the supply of which has consistently failed to meet demand in the US, has been made available on Wal-Mart's online store in the "tens of thousands" today, according to Reuters.

The deals, which aren't available in stores, range from the basic console itself for USD 249.24, a value bundle with additional items - including extra controllers - for USD 329, to a console-plus-Wii Fit bundle for USD 458.

The retailer also plans to offer discounts on Wii games and accessories, with a two-for-USD 30 deal on selected titles, and the Wii Racing Wheel for USD 10, and has secured the stock thanks to working with Nintendo "closely throughout the year."

The standard pricing for the basic Wii console in US online stores is USD 249.99, but most other significant retailers have sold out, while the average eBay price is around USD 349.

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