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Wacom - Dare to be Digital 2010

Winners revealed for Wacom Bamboo tablet-controlled game design contest.

Wacom has teamed up with Abertay University to add a new twist to its ‘Dare to be Digital’ competition - a video game development competition for students at universities and art colleges throughout the UK. This year, Wacom invited students to create a game ideal for use with a Bamboo interactive tablet, which would be made available for users to download. The three winning games have now been chosen and the applications added to the Bamboo Dock – an icon that sits on the desktop of a computer and acts as a gateway to the applications.

Here are the winning games:

Skin Ink

Become a tattoo artist! Take control of a tattoo gun in Skin Ink, a game that is sensitive to the amount of pressure applied by the Bamboo pen. Players can draw the outlines of a tattoo or even generate their own tattoos. The game contains several levels of difficulty.

Doodle Blast

While away a lunch hour with this fun and addictive game. The goal is to draw lines that  guide the falling marbles into the jar. The difficulty increases as the levels go on.

Dim Licious

Set in a Dim Sum Tea House, the aim is to serve as many customers as possible before the end of the shift. The meals move along a conveyor belt and the task is to serve the correct meal to the correct guest. Accuracy and speed are needed to ensure a high score.

You can design your own game for the Wacom Bamboo too. Visit mini-developer.wacom.eu to find out how.

Find out more about the competition at the link below:


The Wacom Bamboo range of input devices merges multi-touch functionality with pen tablet technology into a single device. Combining the best of both worlds makes it even easier, quicker and more fun to use a computer.

Please let me know if you’d like a Bamboo sample in order to try out the new Bamboo Applications or an interview with the Dare to be Digital competition winners. liz@raniericoms.com.


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