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WackyLands Boss

The E3 factsheet.

Product Description

WackyLands Boss is a frenzied virtual monster game, where players assume the role of a gigantic creature attempting to destroy the magical kingdom. Once players have designed and given life to their monster, they will explore the quirky environments of WackyLands and fight brave heroes defending each region. Princesses beware – they are the monster’s most favorite food in this fun, role-reversal game!

Game Features

12 Colorfully Drawn Scenarios: Destroy enemies throughout vibrant cartoony levels in four themed environments: Forest, Ice, Village, Castle! Customize and Evolve Your Boss Monster: Modify his face, arms, legs and body to make him the meanest looking monster around! Collect Points and Buy Items: Equip your monster with new weapons, abilities and outfits ranging from helmets and armor to weapons and shields. Battle Hordes of Heroes and Wizards: Use your customized monster to attack those trying to take you down. Wipe out swarms of tiny enemies and eat interfering princesses to regain health! Special Powers: Breathing fire and stomp attacks are just two of the special attacks that make your monster more destructive than ever! Crystal Leaderboards and Achievements: Share scores and achievements with others around the world and brag about your accomplishments! Product Specifications:

Publisher: Chillingo

Developer: Fair Play Labs

Ship Date: June 2010

Category: Action

Rating: Ages 9+

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