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Vyk Games' Casual team

Shanghai-based developer establishes division to focus on the less formal side of gaming.

SHANGHAI, China - Oct. 28, 2008

The Casual Games sector continues to enjoy unprecedented growth, with analysts from Parks Associates predicting a compound growth rate of 19.8% to $2.3 billion in 2012 despite economic woes. To this effect, Vyk Games, Inc., a leading video game development service provider based in Shanghai, China, today announced the official establishment of its Casual Games Development Team. The new division specializes in offering casual game co-development services to developers and publishers around the globe, backed by years of executive and professional experience servicing world-class companies with video game art, design and development expertise. Also announced is a new deal signed with leading online casual games portal to provide various Flash development services for the creation of new game content.

A Parks Associates report projected the casual games industry to achieve $2.3 billion in revenues by 2012, while an EA Casual Entertainment address forecasted a net worth for the division at $1 billion alone by 2011, predicting the total global market to be worth $13 billion in revenues by that same year. With such a significant growth rate and market opportunity, industry players are investing more time and effort into the production of quality games, an effort that Vyk Games’ new Casual Games division will be able to support with a range of service offerings. The company has stepped up to lead the global market in an effort to control tighter deadlines and rising budgets, and its new Casual Games team has been prepared to address these needs for casual game developers worldwide.

“Vyk Games has successfully provided top-tier developers and publishers worldwide with a wide range of development and art services aimed at alleviating the pressures associated with tight deadlines and high development costs,” said Tom Sperry, CEO of Vyk Games. “As competition heats up to capitalize on the significant market opportunities in casual gaming, we’ll see these same realities faced by just about every player in the market. By creating a team that specializes in casual games development, we can now address the rising needs of casual game developers to create great games on time and within budget.”

“We’re seeing unprecedented growth in the casual games market worldwide, and we needed to streamline our casual game development in order to control development schedules and keep budgets under control,” said Alok Kejriwal, CEO of Games2Win. “Vyk Games presented a service portfolio that addresses all of these needs and we’re looking forward to offering high-quality and entertaining casual games developed in partnership with the company.”

About Vyk Games

Vyk Games, formerly known as Vykarian, is a video game art, design and development studio headquartered in Shanghai, China, with regional offices in Nanjing, China, and Portland, Oregon. The company was founded by a group of U.S. and Chinese video game development veterans to provide high quality and cost-effective development and production services for the global video game and entertainment markets. Services include 2D/ 3D art, concepts & design, modeling, texture UV, rigging and weighting, level design, virtual world building, and full game development. The company has worked on a number of AAA titles and with various publishers including Activision, EA, Spicy Horse, Eidos, Disney, Vivendi, Turbine, Foundation 9, THQ, Sony Online Entertainment, Sega, and Gearbox. Vyk Games is a privately held company and was established in 2006.

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