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VW Polo Cup

Race both as quickly and as efficiently as you can, with iPod nanos and a brand new Polo to be won.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, start your engines” will not only be the word on the street for Volkswagen from 10th July this summer, but also across the world online at The Polo Cup is a new and innovative, multiplayer game featuring the brand-new Polo, one of which is up for grabs as part of the competition. Volkswagen has teamed up with leading online game producers Greentube – internationally famous as the innovators behind Ski Challenge – to develop the Polo Cup, the first such online game of its kind.

In contrast to traditional driving games, the winner will not necessarily be the fastest driver. Instead the aim of the game is to reach the finish line in the quickest time, whilst ensuring that it is achieved in the most efficient way possible. The new Polo, which combines efficiency with a slick driving experience both online and in reality, will ensure that the eco-friendly challenge has more than its fair share of fun and entertainment. The competition also provides gamers the chance to take on fellow drivers on no fewer than three exciting race weekends. Comprehensive statistics and online raking lists will also be available, enabling gamers to rate their own performances as well as see how they match up against the rest.

How the Polo Cup works:

The Polo Cup consists of three progressive levels. The drives, on which gamers will be assessed, will take place on three race weekends. Gamers may play as many times as they wish. A race takes around 3 to 4 minutes and consists of two laps. Between the race weekends every gamer can work on improving his/her score and prepare for the big races by playing offline or online in the Training and Qualification Phases. The driver with the highest score from all three race weekends will receive a new Polo.

The big Polo Cup final is set for 22nd November 2009 and a brand-new VW Polo awaits the winner. Moreover, some 70 Apple iPod nanos with 8 GB of storage and POLO branding will be given away over the course of the cup.

Further details about the Polo Cup, participation conditions and the free download are available at: (Austrian website).

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