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Vuvuzela Whacker

Probably not years in the making, we're guessing, but hopefully good all the same.

Since the World Cup in South Africa kicked off, soccer fans have anxiously looked for a way to rid the world of the droning, beehive-like sound from the horn known as the vuvuzela. With Vuvuzela Whacker, everyone can pick up a hammer and join in the good cause.

Vuvuzela Whacker is an action packed game for iPhone and iPod Touch. The goal is to save the world from the vuvuzela infestation by whacking as many vuvuzela players as possible in one minute. Tap the fans with vuvuzelas - but avoid hitting the regular fans. And there are zombies in the stands, too.

Vuvuzela Whacker features score multipliers, beautiful graphics and the ability to release frustration for TV viewers who've grown tired of the buzz. For soccer fans, the pleasure of silencing a vuvuzela is equal to watching Lionel Messi attacking.

Vuvuzela Whacker users can show off the number of vuvuzelas they've silenced to their friends on Facebook. As the instrument's at risk of being exported to the national championships as seasons begin in August, our goal is to have 1.000.000 vuvuzelas whacked before the end of the World Cup.

Do your part today - join in the Vuvuzela whacking. Vuvuzela Whacker is available in the iTunes Store at $0.99.

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