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Voyage Century will be free forever

IGG, an operator for the globe online games, announces that the first all-time nautical 3D online game, Voyage Century, will be free forever. At present, the English version is completed and now it is being tested in the technology. Soon, it will be open to all the players for trial and the players will take pleasure from the Voyage in 16th century.

Voyage Century has received countless supports and extensive attention from all the players when IGG become the formal agent of the Voyage Century. No matter in the forum or the mails, we could taste the players' enthusiasm and profound sentiment to the Voyage Century, which make all the staff in IGG excited. Players' enthusiasm and support, which is impetus for us, will promote us to go forward and make progress. A warm family will be born on Voyage and let's create Voyage Century with our heart together.

The first-class 3D online game

Voyage Century as the first all-time 3D online game wins laurel Golden Feather in this field in sequential three years. Voyage Century took 4 years to develop to make the picture so fine that it is like a movie. It introduces the advanced technology and the latest 3D wave computing engine, which makes the ocean picture more vivid, besides, double picture layers technology brings life to game pictures. The game is based on world map with the background of voyage age in 16th century. The voyage, exploration, trade, pirates, sea and land battle, gathering, forging and so on, which reappear the pomp in 16th century on voyage.

Lower the limit for high-quality game

Nowadays, the large games are all operated by "Pay as You Go" or "Pay Monthly". Players will spend a considerable sum of money on it when they are enjoying the fine game. Voyage Century as a large online game, not only has apparent advantages but also owns good reputation. Free operation will take Voyage Century to more extensive people and make it more popular. Players could enjoy the Voyage Century without paying. Furthermore players could experience the top game face to face without considering the time.

Free game First-class service

The service of the game is the key point for the players. Although Voyage Century will be operated freely, we will continually offer more excellent service than the game which needs to pay. We will provide game server with high config and the server room with best network to ensure that players could enjoy the game smoothly. Our motto is that "Serve with our heart". We are led by the concept that "satisfy the customers to the largest extent", besides we will construct advanced, scientific, normative service system. Voyage Century Service Center provide 7/24 service for all the players. We aim at offering Five Star Service, which is measured by profession and adjusted according to the customers' need.

Finally, Voyage Century Operation Team appreciates all the players who supports and is concerned about the development of the Voyage Century. We will provide high-quality online game with five star service and low limit expecting to welcome all the players. Let's return to the mysterious 16th Voyage Century and your adventure will be recorded in the Voyage History.

Forever Free, Forever Fun!

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The first 3D nautical online game brings a new age into MMORPG!

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