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Voyage Century Online

Server passports at the ready.

Are you the boss in your server? Always dispatching your rivals before they have a chance to blossom into a true rivalry? Don’t wanna get along with the players in your server anymore? Well, the Voyage Century Team is going to release a new function, Immigration, which will offer you a chance to start a brand new life in another server.

Sign-up Duration: May 5th to May 11th

Original Servers: ColumbusCMagellanCDa Gama&James Cook

Target Servers: ColumbusCMagellanCDa Gama&James Cook

Service Fees:

If you want to immigrate to Columbus Server, you need to pay 1200 credits for each account.

If you want to immigrate to Magellan Server, you need to pay 600 credits for each account.

If you want to immigrate to Da Gama&James Cook Server, you need to pay 800 credits for each account.


1. You should prepare 2 backup character names in case there are duplicates. If there are duplicated names, we will use the first available backup name.

2. Make sure that you haven't created any characters in the server you want to move to.

3. All your temporary states will be dispelled (Double Exp, Skill Manual effect, Protection Card effect, Blessed Pellet, etc…)

4. After the immigration, your character in the original server will be wiped out. All relations such as guild relations, mentoring relations and friends will also be deleted.

You should also be aware that items you haven't picked up will also be deleted. (Note: Players should pick up all items bought in the Item Mall to avoid any loss)

5. Immigration will probably be held during the maintenance every Tuesday. You shouldn’t log in the game 3 hours before the maintenance; otherwise you may lose some important data. During the immigration duration, please don’t log in the game until it has been completed.

Sign-up Format:

Title: VCO Immigration


From “original server” to “target server”


Character Name, (Backup name 1),iBackup name 2j

Please use your registered mailbox to send your application in the form of the sign-up format to .

Detailed immigration status will be announced on May 12th, with the first round of immigration commencing on May 13th.

Note: Your account name should match your registered mailbox.

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