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Voyage Century Online

Marco Polo server rolled out.

he new Marco Polo server has been released September 18th. To welcome all the new players joining this new family, Voyage Century are giving them some really nice gifts.

After the release of the new server, all players in the new server can obtain 1.5x Exp for 1 whole month when killing monsters. In addition, they can obtain a newbie gift package that contains 5 skill manual books, 30 Exp Books, and 1 cool charm (Future Fighter Charm, Undead Pirate Charm, Valiant Male Captain Charm, or etc...) These charms have attributes, and there is a time limit on them. Players can pick one from the 10 cool charms.

By taking part in the events like Navigation Colorful Clouds and Leveling Competition, players won't get tired of leveling in the early stage, and can really have some fun in Voyage Century

For more details about this event, please click here,%20New%20Players,%20New%20Gifts.html

Navigate your way to adventure!

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