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Voyage Century Online

Expansion test details.

After a long wait, the Voyage Century expansion test will be finally released at 8:00PM, January 16th, 2009. All participants will obtain a Senior Navigator Gift Package after entering into the game. Now let’s take a close look at what have been added to the expansion.

1. 5 new professions including Royal Military Officer, Empery Guardian, Caribbean Pirate, Treasure Hunter, and Armed Businessman.

2. The Pacific area is available now, so players are able to really travel around the world.

3. 6 Supply Stations, Seward, Santiago, San Francisco, Cruz, Salinas, and Magellan Strait are open to players.

4. Mayan Civilization instance. The entrance to the instance and the newly added item exchanger are in the suburbs of Salinas.

5. Mallorca Cave instance, Madagascar Cave instance, Crete Maze instance, Taj Mahal instance, Imperial Mausoleum instances, and the quests included in these instances.

6. Cannon auto-aim function. Your cannons will aim at targets automatically.

7. Gear can be drilled and embedded with gems to enhance their performance.

8. A new item that can enlarge your backpack and ship capacity has been added to the new version.

9. A Lucky Stone granting a 100% success rate for refining has been added to the new version.

10. New item - Lethe Tool

11. Brand new profession quests.

12. Material Exchange Staff and Gold Exchange Staff have been added to the dock at Seville.

13. 3 kinds of new Armed Businessman medical cases can be bought from the NPC in the cities.

14. Brand new newbie guide systems.

15. Lethe and backpack unlocking services. Every 30 levels grants you one chance to apply for these services.

16. 5 new Compound Stones

17. Players can hold onto Tab to locate monsters (only available for monsters on land)

18. Players can use new professional skills to collect new materials from Mine Cave, Forestry Center, the Fishery, and Hurricane Island Beach.

19. Players with 1 account can now create 4 characters, and the default birthplace is Athens.

20. Guild Power Rankings

21. Land Battle Lord Rankings

22. Thalassocrat Rankings

23. Wealthiest Under the Sun

24. Treasure Hunter Rankings

25. Fishing Expert Rankings

26. Lucky Guy Rankings (Press Alt+T to check these rankings, or in the upper right corner.)

27. Continued Exchange function has been added to the new version.(for example, if you need to exchange for abundant Teak Timber, you can just click Continued Exchange to exchange for them automatically )

28. AFK system

29. The newly added Pirate Nameplate can be used to obtain 150,000 profession Exp or can be traded.

30. Teammates positions are displayed in big maps.

31. 1 key Wardrobe function added.

32. Belief items, new apparatus, and new ship items added.

33. Merchant Alliance System added.

34. Fleet System added.

35. Trade War System added.

36. Fleet Chat function added.

37. 12 new Sea war clothes added

38. Fleet Call item added.

39. Auto-planting Card added.

40. Login Record function added.

Click here to download the test server client:

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