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Voyage Century Online

Colony loss patch fix planned.

An update patch designed to solve the colony loss problem will be released soon, so players can stop worrying about whether they should invest lots of money in the construction of colonies. Meanwhile, the 2x profits from business trips event just came into an end, which was definitely good event for those players who are dedicated to developing colonies, because building a colony can be costly.

Hey, no pain, no gain. After building a colony, players will enjoy the many benefits it brings. For instance, you can get new materials, new vessels, and advanced gear like the Blood Knight Gear.

The following pictures show the difference between blood knight gear and ordinary gear of the same level.

The Blood Knight Gear on the left hand side can be obtained from Level 10 industrial colonies, while the item on the right side is the most advanced gear in Voyage Century so far. Compared to the gear on the right side, the Blood Knight gear has vastly superior attributes, especially the added attributes which have been improved dramatically.

Meanwhile, Blood knight jewelry has had some newly added attributes attached to it such as load, lull, HP recovery, and SP recovery which will help players in battle a lot.

Last but not least, players can just buy blood knight gear, so there’s no forging to worry about.

Click here to find out more info about colonies and what they can do for you.

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